How To Make Almost Any Kind of Rack You Could Need

The next time you are thinking of looking up rack systems Nashville, take a minute to decide if you may be able to build it yourself. Unless you would rather spend money, why wouldn’t you want to repurpose, reuse or create something that you can use from something you wouldn’t have otherwise? After you look at this list of DIY racks, you may find that you didn’t even realize you always needed one or more of them.

Firewood Rack

This is about as simple as you can get, and it’s equally as effective as any you could buy. All you need is three cinderblocks, two 4×4 studs and four boards for the uprights. Simply space the cinderblocks out so that one holds up each end of the 4×4 studs and place the third in between the two outer ones. You now have the base to keep the wood off the ground. All that’s left to do is to put one upright into each hole on the end blocks, and you are ready to fill it up with firewood.

Key Rack

Next time you threaten to throw away the Legos you keep stepping on, use them for a cute keyring rack, instead. Simply attach a backplate to the wall and add Legos in a design or spell out words. Finally, connect Legos with holes to your keys. Whenever you come into the house, just pop them onto the backplate.

Pot Rack

For an artistic or rustic look pot rack in your kitchen, look no further than the closest tree. Find a sturdy branch, hang it above your bar or stove and add hooks for the pots.

Whether you are handy or just bored and willing to try something new, building your own rack can bring a lot of satisfaction. And, if it doesn’t turn out just right, you can always go online later.

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