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Types Of Lips: How To Make Them Up To Make The Most Of Them?

The purpose of each type of makeup is to highlight our strengths, minimizing imperfections, and trying to best harmonize facial features. This also means, for example, understanding what your lip shape is and how to best enhance it with makeup, if necessary redefining its contours and correcting any asymmetries and defects, or at least those we consider such. In fact, those who have a fleshy mouth often would like thinner lips, while those who have a small mouth would like to give them more volume. In any case, make-up can be our great ally: let’s see how to make the most of it based on the shape of the lips.

How to change the shape of the lips

The first step is always to have the right products; in this case, we will need lip pencils of the same tone as our mouth or at most a slightly darker shade and cosmetics with a matte finish and natural colors. To redesign the lip contour it is necessary to have a little dexterity and experience, especially if the lips are a little irregular or asymmetrical. The advice is to practice until the desired result is achieved: it will be worth it! Then stand in front of the mirror with your mouth closed, carefully examine the shape of the lips and start drawing until you have obtained a natural, precise, and satisfying result. Continue with along-lasting lipstick and possibly with a concealer to help you further define the contour of the lips. Also, in this case, pay attention to the color: the concealer must not be too different from the tone of your skin in order not to create sharp detachments.

Lip shape and makeup: what to know

Let’s see how to correct a lip shape that doesn’t satisfy us at all or how to highlight our mouth in the best possible way. Put yourself in the mirror: the first step is to identify the shape of your lips!

Makeup for thin lips

Those with thin lips, in most cases, would like to give them greater volume and fullness. To obtain this result, you can, first of all, choose light lipsticks with a glossy effect that makes them more voluminous, but also brightly colored lipsticks. For an even more decisive effect, you can apply a concealer or highlighter on the edge of the upper lip to give more volume to the lips, then draw the lip contour with a pencil and then pass the lipstick of your choice. Your lips will appear enlarged and enhanced!

How to make up full lipsTypes Of Lips

All women dream of full lips, apart from those who have them but who then find it difficult to make up them for fear of appearing excessive. If you do not want to accentuate the volume you can focus on nude and opaque lipstick, while if you even want to visually reduce them you can first apply a veil of concealer and transparent powder, then draw the contour of the lips with a pencil remaining slightly inside your border. natural, then concluding with lipstick.

Make up your lips at heart

The heart-shaped lips feature a small arch at the top of the mouth which gives the lips an elegant and well-proportioned appearance. To highlight them as they deserve, you can use a pencil, accentuating the contour of the lips and blending it slightly inwards, and then apply your favorite lipstick. You will get a very refined and natural look.

The high cupid bow lip makeup

This lip shape is similar to the heart lips but with the Cupid’s bow, i.e. the upper edge, very accentuated. Generally, this shape is very harmonious and can be enhanced with a touch of lip liner and a bit of highlighter to focus attention. You can then pass your favorite lipstick so that it is applied evenly and evenly.

How to make up a mouth with a thin lower lip

Making up a slightly uneven mouth, with a thinner lower lip, requires some extra care. In particular, in this case, it will be necessary to give some volume to the lower lip. You can proceed as follows: take a pencil of the same color as the lipstick you want to use and widen the perimeter of the lower lip, obviously without exaggerating so as not to obtain a “fake” and unnatural effect. Apply the lipstick and then a touch of gloss to the center of the lip for extra volume. Seeing is believing!

How to make up your mouth when your lower lip is voluminous

Your “problem”, on the other hand, is a fuller and fleshier lower lip than the upper one? Then the best thing to do will be to intervene on the upper one, trying to make it more voluminous with some tricks: an edge with the pencil slightly wider than the natural one and a little concealer shaded from the upper center edge of the lip up to the attachment of the nose will give just this effect.

The makeup for very full lips in the central area

It is a very full and fleshy mouth in the center, which then tapers towards the corners. How to make up her to rebalance her and enhance her strengths? First of all, you need a pencil with which to trace the outline of the central part of the lips as precisely as possible; the pencil line must then continue towards the corners of the mouth while remaining slightly outside the natural edge of the lips. Finally, a lipstick or lip tint will even out the complexion.

Types of lips, what does it say about our personality?

  • Many physiognomists consider the mouth a facial trait that can say a lot about our personality. Could it be true? Nothing prevents us from trying to read the characteristics matched to our lip shape and evaluate if they seem correct to us! Let’s see what our lips say about us:
  • full lips are considered synonymous with a kind and altruistic personality, who loves to take care of others while taking little care of their own interests. People with full lips generally have a strong maternal instinct and a propensity to protect others;
  • people with thin lips have a lonely spirit, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like being with others from time to time. They prefer to solve any problems themselves and do not like to engage in many relationships; they are generally very reserved and self-sufficient;
  • people with heart-shaped lips are often emotional, charismatic, lovers of life and the spotlight: they love to show off and be the center of attention. They have a high opinion of themselves and a magnetic personality;
  • people with voluminous lower lips are lively, dynamic, and full of energy, always on the move and engaged in some activity. They love making acquaintances, always seeing different places and always learning something new, they are sociable and open to new things;
  • those with thin lower lips tend to be shy and solitary. They are people to be discovered because they are full of quality and merits, it will be enough just to bring them into the open! They are generally autonomous, feel good about themselves and happy to be independent.

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