Hunted the future Triumph Daytona 765 with Moto2 engine

A few days ago they were hunting a very special Triumph Daytona in USA, the first test of this model incorporating the new Daytona 765 cc three-cylinder engine used, both in Street Triple and in Moto2. We could be facing the new Triumph Daytona 765 2020. Which could be incorporated in the exclusive limited edition TFC range.

New Triumph Daytona 765 2020

the Daytona 765

Triumph’s new three-cylinder engine made its debut on the revamped Street Triple. With an increase in displacement to 765 cc. The propeller has more power and a middle area still more full. From here, it is chosen as the ideal option to be the unique supply engine in the Moto2 World Championship and. Now, it seems that it will also be available in the new Triumph Daytona 765 that could arrive in 2020.

But beware, let’s not get carried away by the enthusiasm because this new Daytona 765 would not be a model of mass production.  Or at least to the first change as our MCN colleagues point out after talking with Steve Sargent, Product Director of Triumph.

Triumph will supply the engines of the Moto2 World Championship since 2019

best Daytona 765

Steve confirmed that if there was enough demand, they could launch a Triumph Daytona 765. But at the moment there are no plans as such. Where does this lead us? Well, the possibility that it exists but as a limited edition model and within its new range of TFC products. Whose first two versions we have recently known.

At the moment and in view of the photos, it seems that we are facing a mule of tests with many parts taken directly from the latest Triumph Daytona 675. However, there are notable changes in the cycle part especially in regard to the front end where the Öhlins NIX30 fork. And the Brembo Stylema brake calipers give a clear idea of ​​their intentions.

Triumph Daytona 765 2020 advantage

discover Daytona 765

Behind it seems to have the same ohlins TTX used in the Daytona 675 R, also anchored to the same swingarm. The new engine also seems to use a very similar chassis and subframe. The expected thing is that, if it is a TFC model , it has a carbon fiber body. And a multitude of exclusive and very careful details.

Where you could expect changes is electronic level and driving aids. PanelFully digital TFT. Several engine modes and include the new 6-axis IMU , ABS curve, traction control . And endless improvements that would make the new Triumph Daytona 765 very effective on the track and off.

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