5 effective winter hair care home remedies

The weather in winter not only dries the skin but also the hair. It is not only cold air that mistreats your hair, but also things like indoor heating, air conditioning, dryers and style tools. The only way you can keep your hair shiny is to keep it hydrated. It is important to moisturize your hair from the inside as well as the outside. Here are some tips to keep your hair healthy in the harsh winter months. 

5 Winter hair care home remedies

In the winter season, 90% of people suffering from dandruff and hair fall. Below, we are sharing 5 natural and home remedies to take care of your hair.

applying glycerin conditioner

1. Use a glycerin conditioner

Glycerin is good for dry hair because it has the ability to attract moisture and retain it in the hair fibers, protecting them from the damage that external contaminants can cause. With its use, it is possible to moisturize even the driest parts of the hair. After washing the hair with a shampoo, use a moisturizing conditioner. It is even better if your conditioner contains glycerin. Glycerin is a humectant that moisturizes and protects the hair, making it less dry and brittle.

hydrating mask

2. Use a weekly hydrating mask

Take two or three aloe vera leaves at night to use in the morning. Open the leaves and collect the aloe gel in a glass container. Add a teaspoon of honey. After washing your hair with a mild shampoo and patting it dry with the towel, place the aloe mask and massage the scalp. Leave on for 20 or 30 minutes and remove it with water. You can apply this mask between three and four times a week.

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Use masks or hair treatments once a week. Most people tend to forget that indoor heating can make the hair dry as much as cold air. Therefore, it is equally important that you hydrate your hair regularly during the winter.

castor oil

3. Use castor oil

Find a hair oil and apply a little to avoid frizz. The oil moisturizes the hair, gives it shine and keeps it in place. It is also a great antidote for thick and curly hair.

What I do is after the bath I dip my fingers in the oil and massage especially those areas more involved, then I peño and leave the oil throughout the day the hair is shiny and volume, and something hard for Oil.

I use it daily and the results I could in a very short time, especially the fall stop that was most noticeable in the beginning.

don't use chemical on hair

4. Do not subject your hair to chemical processes

Hair treatments such as dyes, perms, and straightening can be postponed for when the weather is more pleasant. Since in the winter the climate is not favorable for the hair, it would be prudent to avoid treatments on the hair, as they make the hair dry and weak.

Water for hair

5. Drink a lot of water

This is the most obvious advice. However, many people seem to forget it. Drinking enough water is not only important for your hair but your body and overall health. Drink at least 2-3 liters daily for keeping your hair healthy.

Final thought,

Winter season will stay November to February. In this time, apply 5 winter hair care home remedies for healthy and dandruff free hair. You can use these remedies without winter season.

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