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When we construct anything, be it industrial or commercial, it is with an expectation to last a lifetime. We choose the best quality instruments for our projects and the highest standards of materials. Every construction is a culmination of dreams, design and expertise. There are many standards in the industry and even more brands that meet those standards but every construction is unique and has unique needs. It is thus essential to find a service provider like Toolkwip Pumps who can analyse our needs and provide the necessary solution.


Initially pumps were invented to pump out water from inside the earth. They then began to be used in windmills. Today pumps are used for various reasons such as irrigation, gasoline supply, flood control and even in essential appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators (better known as compressors). Owing to their various uses pumps are also available in many shapes and sizes, the largest ones being used industrially and the smallest ones used in medical surgery.

There are many types of industrial pumps just as there are many uses for them. Industrial pumps don’t just deal with water, they are used in many situations to pump out any liquid or semi-liquid substances like slurry, sludge and so on.

Pumps typically work on one principle – converting mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. Following this principle, they are majorly categorised into 3 types – centrifugal, axial flow and positive displacement, based on their method of operation. They also differ based on the material they pump out, like concrete pumps, slurry pumps, paint pumps and so on. Pumps also work on different mechanisms; pistons, gears, diaphragms and such; each mechanism is chosen based on the material being pumped out. Pumps are also available for specialised needs like medical, scientific and household uses.

With so many pumps available it has become easier to build on many types of soils or reconstruct old buildings. The important thing to remember here is that each need requires a different type of pump.


Industry experts in Australia are more than happy to help you find the right pump for your requirement. With there being numerous types of pumps and numerous brands, industry experts who distribute the pumps are the people to turn to when making a choice.

Distributors of pumps like Toolkwip Pumps have experience in the field of pumps for many years and know what features each brand offers and can give you a tailor-made solution, keeping in mind the type of project and your budget.They are truly a god-send when faced with different pumping needs for the same project. DIY enthusiasts can also benefit from their advice, making the right decisions for your home or office renovation.

Besides this, there are also many safety guidelines to follow while using industrial pumps, individuals without much experience will do well to hire an expert to operate the pump, ensuring maximum safety for themselves and no damage to the pump itself.

Pumps perform an essential function and are versatile, but require expert handling and care while in use and their varied models and functions are a very important reason to consult a well-known pump distributor in Australia to ensure your projects maintain their standards while achieving deadlines.

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