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What is Bokwa Fitness and How It Works With People of All Ages

Bokwa Fitness is becoming increasingly popular with athletes. In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about this novel modality and the results you can expect from it. It is a new group discipline that takes advantage of the movements and impact of music with a fascinating rhythm to exercise the muscles of the body. The steps are simple to execute and memorize, making it an ideal coordination activity for people of all ages.

As a group activity, it has a new and completely different approach, which causes it to be increasingly present in most gyms. This type of exercise guarantees equals parts of fun and muscle benefit.

What is Bokwa Fitness?

Basically, it is an energizing and addictive cardiovascular exercise routine to the rhythm of the music. So it’s just about feeling the music and moving freely! Bokwa Fitness movements consist of trying to draw figures and letters with your feet. Thanks to these combinations, athletes can easily memorize the choreography and create new ones independently, without the teacher’s help. However, the role of the monitor at the beginning of classes is one of the keys to attendees.

Bokwa Fitness

Bokwa Fitness is an intense cardio program for dance and fitness that is very easy to learn. Another of its highlights is that the classes are for both young and old of all levels and physical conditions.

Due to the cocktail that makes up the music used for the classes, the fun and predictable steps and the great motivation that is generated in the attendees, the participants become addicted to Bokwa Fitness. Although some coordination capacity is required, fun takes precedence over memorizing choreography.

What are the origins of Bokwa Fitness?

Bokwa Fitness is a dance exercise program based on the South African Kwaito music tradition. The founder was Paul Mavi, who designed Bokwa in 2002 in Los Angeles and has now spread to Fitness rooms around the world.

In fact, this South African-inspired dance is a hit in every gym, as it is a mix of African dance with references to boxing, martial arts, and bodybuilding.

This simple group dance activity is unlike any other training program to date. One of the peculiarities of Bokwa Fitness is that the dance steps are based on letters and numbers, not on choreography.

So being able to quickly control your steps makes exercising easy and enjoyable, unlike other fitness sports that require permanent concentration and much more practice.

As a physical activity, Bokwa Fitness is a good way to relieve stress after a hard day at work. It can also significantly improve cardio and muscle fitness status. If you try it, we are convinced that you will not regret it!

What parts of the body do you work with?

This activity is a combination of boxing and dancing that refines your legs and puts you in a good mood. It is a cardiovascular exercise that puts into practice all the muscles in your body, making it excellent for losing calories and keeping your figure. In fact, this dance increases muscular endurance, strength, and endurance, allowing an impact on most muscles in the body.

As you can imagine, the lower body has no respite at Bokwa Fitness. The sequence of movements involves the glutes, thighs and calves. This is primarily a cardio activity and most classes typically last approximately 45 minutes.

Also, you should know that the requirement of each session is variable and, obviously, more or fewer calories are burned depending on the intensity of execution of the movements. However, have no doubt that your abdomen will be strengthened and you will lose those extra kilos.

In conclusion, regardless of whether or not you have dance skills, Bokwa Fitness is adaptable for all levels of fitness and ages. If you are interested in practicing it, remember that it is essential to equip yourself with good footwear to avoid any type of unexpected injury. From there, it is time to enjoy it!

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