How to dress for your body shape

Men come in all shapes and sizes. Wearing clothes might seem like the least of their worries and the most straightforward task. However, what you wear can seriously make you look out of shape and can certainly give people the wrong impression of your body shape. Getting it incorrect will make you look unflattering, and that’s the last thing you want if you are looking to make any kind of impression. Wearing clothes that suit your style and body shape will give you renewed confidence in your social and work abilities.

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You see an outfit that you like. You buy that outfit, get it home, and then put it on. Much to your surprise, you look wrong in it. You certainly do not look like the person you saw modelling it in the first place. It might not be that the outfit is incorrect; the problem may be that you have bought the wrong clothes for your body shape. Men can be classed into five types. Body shape refers to the shoulders down to your waist area. Most of us are a Rectangle shape. Those with broad shoulders are inverted triangles, and it is a trapezoid for those with broad shoulders and sculpted abs. A more common form is the triangle. This means sloping shoulders and tummy with love handles. The final definition is the Oval for the bigger man. Sadly, the Triangle and the Oval are becoming the most frequent body shape for men in the UK. Knowing what shape you are, and accepting it, is half the battle in trying to find the right clothes.

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Unfortunately, online shops and high street retailers do not list their garments on a Rectangle, Inverted Triangle, Trapezoid, Triangle or Oval basis. They will stick to sizes like S M L XL and Waistband numerical scale.  You have to have your wits about you. If you have a tailor or a relationship with the staff you buy your clothes from, discuss this with them.

There are two golden rules to take into account when buying clothes to body type. Firstly, ignore fashion trends if they are not suitable for your shape. You’re just going to have to sit this one out. If you do, you will look terrible. Secondly, don’t buy Rectangle clothes if you are a Triangle. No matter how much you want to have a Rectangle, or Trapezoid shape for that matter, until you get there, there is no point.

The simple do’s for each of the shapes is as follows;

Triangle –  Vertical stripes. Single Breasted suits. Blazers (with a pattern).

Inverted Triangle  – Skinny fits that taper at the waist. Busy and bright colours. Horizontal stripes. V-Necks regular and Straight legged trousers.

Rectangle – Layers, Structured tailoring. Horizontal stripes.

Oval – Loose belted trousers, pleats, Bow ties (takes focus to the face rather than the tummy).

Stick to these rules, and you won’t go far wrong. Start with some forgiving Tommy Hilfiger Menswear.  For Tommy Hilfiger menswear, go to EJ Menswear

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