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Top tips for smart layering

Although we generally dress for ease and usually enjoy the luxury of central heating in homes and shops, the principles of layering clothes started with a need to stay warm and dry in extreme environments.

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Dressing with layers is a commonly used technique in polar environments where warmth and comfort are critical, according to The British Antarctic Survey.

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Some of these tips might help you make layering work effectively for you:

Find a good quality jacket

Perfect for layering, a good jacket will keep you warm and dry and looking good. At you’ll be able to find lots of ideas that you can layer easily together with a waterproof jacket to keep you comfortable and dry all day long.

Go old school

A vest goes a long way for really keeping the cold out. A vest can be discreet and add that extra layer of comfort you need on a chilly winter’s morning. To keep you toasty, try a body warmer, which works in the same way as a vest, keeping your core warm, whilst allowing you the ease of movement in your arms and neck. Layering a body warmer with one of the many Lyle & Scott sweatshirts is an easy way to build up a look If the temperature drops further, then thermal trousers are excellent for that added warmth.

Think thin layers

Thin layers are easy to remove and pack in a bag, with lots to choose from, Lyle & Scott sweatshirts provide both warmth and are light enough to roll up into a backpack. A thin, lightweight fleece is perfect for layering over a sweatshirt and packs away with ease. If you have to remove a layer as the day warms up or you don’t want to be carrying your jacket, accessorise it! Wear it over one shoulder or knot the arms of your sweatshirt diagonally across your body.

They say there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing, and if this is true, it does make the layering of clothes even more convenient. By keeping your layers thin and light, you’ll find yourself well prepared for the most inclement of weathers and stay looking smart throughout. Layering clothes for everyday purposes can include accessories such as hats and scarves and is much about texture and colour play as it is about functionality and warmth.

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