What are the benefits of vehicle tracking?

When you manage a fleet of vehicles, you’ll want to keep track of their whereabouts via a GPS system. That is vehicle tracking in a nutshell. It’s a great help for businesses, making their fleet more efficient and safer. Vehicle tracking systems are also big money-savers. There are many reasons to consider installing this kind of tracking to your fleet and here are just a few:

Fuel Cost Reduction

Fleet tracking helps businesses by increasing efficiency. It helps to bring about a reduction in idle time, unauthorised use and speeding, for example. A tracking system enables managers to find the optimum routes to destinations, saving both time and fuel costs. Tracking also alerts managers to any vehicles that are speeding and where they are speeding. Drivers can even receive instant alerts to let them know if their driving is an issue or if they have been idle for too many minutes.

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The system also enables managers to see if and when a vehicle is being used for non-authorised purposes. Some systems even allow for customisable hours to be set for when a vehicle can be used.

Route optimisation helps managers see whether a journey has been wasteful or productive, providing opportunities to adjust routes using the intuitive technology. This assists in saving the business money on wasted fuel and idle time. For more details on Vehicle Tracking, visit https://www.vehicle-accessories.net/vehicle-tracking/

Better productivity

Using a fleet tracking system allows a business to streamline their dispatch process, making sure the right driver is sent out on every job. The quickest and best routes can also be identified straight away, meaning drivers receiving instant alerts on the best routes to avoid traffic or road works. This is a useful feature in times of poor weather as well, giving the dispatcher the ability to reroute a driver quickly.

Reduced labour costs

A tracking system also does away with the need for time-consuming punch card and timesheets, which aren’t and have never been the most efficient or accurate method. The whole process is automatically recorded, from the start of a shift to the number of stops made and what time jobs were completed. This is a useful tool for identifying which drivers are wasting your time and money by not being productive. This will reduce your operating and labour costs, preserve the life of your fleet and make your business far more efficient.

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Being able to navigate the quickest and safest routes will improve the safety for your drivers and your vehicles. Tracking systems enable you to keep communicating effectively with your drivers at all times. By providing greater convenience in recording maintenance needs, the reliability of your fleet will be improved, avoiding costly downtime when vehicles break down or worse, end up as potential hazards.

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