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The City of Leicester Where Fine Fencing is Facilitated

The diverse, multi-cultural City of Leicester is located in the East Midlands and has a growing population of well over 357,000 local inhabitants.  This popular City was named as the best place to live and work in the West Midlands in 2023 and is situated only thirty-three miles from Birmingham and twenty-one miles from Coventry, two other Cities that also attract thousands of visitors and tourists to the area.  Local, professional, experienced companies such as  https://directfencingandcontracting.com/services/fencing-leicester/ who specialise in direct Fencing Leicester are producing Fine Quality Fencing and Facilitating the growing demand for this product.  With the building Industry booming and hundreds of new residential and commercial properties being built in the City, the need for more and more quality Fencing is growing at an exponential rate.

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Providing a cost-effective and affordable solution to quality Fencing and offering extra security to the Property owners of Leicester. With a long and interesting history that extends far back into the times of the Roman Empire, the City is full of ancient, historical, places of interest.

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Being situated on the banks of the River Soar, having two major railway lines as well as the M1 and M69 Motorways in close proximity, Leicester is easy to access and has a lot to offer its local inhabitants.  Plenty of new-build homes and business premises all protected with quality Fencing Leicester, located in and around the City are quickly being snapped up by eager buyers.

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