Best Places To Live in California

California is a special place. It has it all: desert, ocean, mountains, beaches, hot weather, and even cold weather. There are some amazing places you could call home if you want to move there, but there are some less desirable places as well. You wouldn’t want to live in a traffic nightmare or somewhere with a lot of vagrants and a high crime rate. Here are a few options for the best places to live in California to help get you started.

The Monterey Peninsula

The Monterey Bay Area is a thriving seaside community with scenic beaches, cool weather, a great foodie scene, and is a golfer’s paradise. Gorgeous Big Sur is 40 minutes south and San Francisco is two hours north, so it is both close to nature and the big city. It is in Central California situated safely between the hot zones that produce wildfires every year. The best fire protection companies California has to offer are dedicated to your safety in this charming and picturesque community.

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Lake Tahoe

The mountains in Central California straddle the California-Nevada state line, and so does Lake Tahoe. It’s known for its winter ski tourism, which draws thousands of skiers and snowboarders each year to its Olympic-quality slopes. The locals, however, celebrate the area for its warm summer weather and watersports on the lake. There’s a saying in the area, “You come for the winter, but you stay for the summers.”

San Diego

According to the real estate website Zillow, San Diego has the best weather in the United States. It’s a comfortable city that has all the amenities of a big city without seeming like a big city. Whether it’s the hiking, the beaches, the beautiful parks, or the laid-back lifestyle, you’ll love living in San Diego. You can even take day trips into Mexico from this fantastic city.

California is loaded with great places to live, and these three areas are amongst the best of the best. There is a wealth of other cities worth researching, however, and you’ll have fun discovering them all.

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