Preparing to Tow and Own your First Trailer

The first thing to do when you want to tow a trailer is to check your licence. This is because although anyone with a car driving licence is able to tow a vehicle, the weight (or the maximum authorised mass) of the vehicle that you are allowed to tow depends on when you passed your test.

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Something else that you need to check is the MAM that your car can tow. This is something that you will be able to find in the handbook for your car, and it is very important that you check this. In some cases, it is necessary to purchase a different vehicle for towing if you have a vehicle with a smaller engine that is not able to tow.

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Driving with a trailer is very different to driving without one and things like reversing can be tricky if you have not done it before. It is recommended that before you get out on the road and start towing your trailer, that you firstly take a course in towing so that you can develop the skills that you need to be able to drive safely as well as manoeuvre the vehicle correctly.

You also need to take good care of your trailer. Regular maintenance will keep your trailer in good condition and also keep it safe. You can make repairs to your trailer yourself in some cases, and you can easily get trailer parts from places like this https://autoandtrailer if you need them.

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