The Lion King’s “Circle of Life”

The Lion King is the 1994 smash hit Disney animated film that contains the very popular song “The Circle of Life”.  With lyrics by Tim Rice, composed by Elton John and sung by Carmen Twillie and Lebo M this song was destined to be an incredible success.  Nominated in 1994 for an Academy Award for Best original Song, reaching number 11 in the UK Charts and number 18 in America and also being sung by Michael Crawford in 2001 “The Circle of Life” has definitely proven to be a great asset to Disney and the film.

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The famous scene in The Lion King where baby Simba is held aloft by Rafiki (his Shaman) with his proud parents King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi standing beside them on top of Pride Rock is one of the most memorable in this cult movie.  The story follows Simba and his journeys through the Bad Lands after his Father is killed by the Cub’s wicked Uncle “Scar”.

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Just like a human being’s journey through their lives from a baby to an adolescent to an adult to being elderly and eventually dying, “The Lion King” follows the lives of the Pride’s family of Lions from birth to death.  The incredible Love, true friendship, strong family bonds and respect for each other is the same as in a Notaro Care Home Taunton.  Any similar Care Home Taunton will provide this high standard and level of Care.  The story ends with King Simba and his young wife Narla presenting their new born Cub to the Pride, continuing “The Circle of Life”.

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