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How long before you can walk on concrete

Concrete pavements or drives are often “adorned” by the imprints left by paws and shoe soles. These markings, whether done intentionally or by accident, are permanent reminders what can happen if newly laid concrete is walked upon too soon.

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When can you walk on a newly laid concrete patio, pavement or other surface? Can you damage the structural integrity of an existing slab by placing too much weight upon it before it has cured? Here’s what you need to understand:

When can I walk over new concrete?

You should wait 24 hours to walk on a newly laid concrete slab. It is at this time that your concrete slab is most susceptible to damage, as it is still damp under the surface. Foot traffic, particularly scuffing and twisting your feet, before this time can leave permanent marks. Also, keep your pets, skateboards and pushchairs away from the concrete. They can leave permanent marks. For Concrete Gloucester, visit www.monstermixconcrete.co.uk

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Tip –  Your concrete surface may appear dry enough for you to walk on in only 12 hours. But don’t give into temptation. For most concrete types, a minimum of 24 hours is required.

How long before I can put weight on it after curing?

Concrete slabs can be cured in about 28 days. However, your concrete is ready to bear weight sooner. Concrete is usually able to withstand the weight of residential foot traffic within 24 hours. However, it is best to allow it to cure for 48 hours and build strength before it receives heavier foot traffic. It may take a full week for concrete to cure, before it can be exposed to heavy furniture or vehicles.

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