Planting your Own Oak Tree for the Future

Oak trees have a significant place in the heart of the UK. A symbol of strength and probably the most loved and iconic tree in Britain. Since ancient times the oak tree has been revered for its strength, and the fact that it can grow so large and live so long meant that it was highly regarded as a spiritual tree, and the door to other worlds – in fact this is the translation of its Druid name Duir – meaning door.

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Throughout the ages the tree itself has been the focus of much folklore and was also highly prized for its incredibly strong timber – something that we still highly value now and is used for things like these Oak Framed Extensions https://www.timberpride.co.uk/timber-oak-framed-extension/ so it is clear why this particular tree has never waned in popularity in Britain.

With the world going through a climate crisis, one of the things that we can do to help, is to plant a tree. Many areas of forest have been decimated and planting trees is something that we can all do to help. An oak tree is a particularly poignant tree to plant, as it is so long lived that it will provide shade and beauty to generations long after we are gone. So, how do you get started with planting your own oak tree?

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Well, the first thing that an oak tree needs is plenty of space – this is not a small garden tree! You can buy oak tree saplings from a garden centre, but you can also plant an acorn – many people like to do this to experience the full growing process of the tree and to marvel as the tiny acorn starts to grow into one of our largest native trees. If you want a very special acorn, you could even buy one of those harvested from the son of the royal oak – the direct descendent of the tree that King Charles famously hid in as he escaped the Parliamentarian army!

If you are planting an acorn, you will want to check first that it will grow. The way to do this is to put the acorns into water and see if they float or sink. Don’t plant the ones that float. Young acorns that you are keeping can then be planted into the ground – remember, patience is a virtue here and it may be a few years before you see the tree really start to grow. Make sure that it is planted into good soil and watered regularly to get it off to a good start in life. It is best to plant it into a pot to start with as this prevents it being dug up or damaged by animals or insects. Make sure you keep the surrounding area clear, to make sure there is no competition for the space and nutrients in the soil. In a few years’ time your sapling will probably be large enough to plant out properly.

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