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The bedroom is the room where, generally, you can disconnect the so-called plug from everyday life with all its commitments and unexpected events. Furnishing it with the right style and features that conform to the environment will ensure that the room becomes a real refuge from everyday stress.

There is no right or wrong style, the important thing is to seek a balance between the colors of the walls, the colors of the wardrobes, the beds, without abandoning your instincts and tastes in terms of furniture.

The Nordic style

All the countries of northern Europe experience long and harsh winters, having only a few hours of light per day. For this reason, white is preferred in the furniture, as it gives the spaces more brightness and grandeur.

If you want to add a touch of color, without upsetting the environment created, the best solution is to insert pastel colors such as light blue or powder pink.

These light colors, combined with natural materials, such as wood, infuse the room with warmth.

The most used woods are teak, birch, maple, pine, and light oak.

In addition to wood, another material widely used for furnishing accessories is wrought iron.

The hardness of this material, however, must be softened by combining soft fabrics such as wool, rugs, tablecloths, blankets, which overall make the environment warm and welcoming.

The Shabby-chic stylewood colors

Elegance and refinement are the foundations of the Shabby-chic style.

The beds in wrought iron, wood, or with fabric headboards, together with wardrobes and dressers with hinged doors, are the undisputed protagonists of the room.

The colors to choose both to furnish and to paint this room are those with lighter shades such as white, beige, dove gray, powder pink, ivory, cream, and sand.

Wood and linen are the two materials that reign supreme in a Shabby Chic home.

Furthermore, traditional objects and ornaments, recycled with the DIY, handmade, and which enhance the feelings and emotional values, are the main furnishing accessories used.

Choosing a style for the bedroom is an arduous and complicated step, so it must be meticulously taken care of, with steps studied in detail in order not to fall into style and furnishing errors.

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