Starting a Knife Collection

Knives are one of man’s most useful tools. Thus, their forms have diversified into entire categories of uses: cooking, weaponry, tactical, hunting, ceremonial, and so on. Many people find knife collecting a worthwhile hobby. If you are interested in collecting knives, here are some points to consider before you begin your collection.

Know the Materials

The first true knives were likely made of flint or bone. However, the most common materials today are carbon steel, stainless steel, Damascus steel and Japanese folded steel. You should be able to identify the parts used to construct knives, such as liner knife lock Montgomery TX. It’s also a good idea to research frame and handle materials, and if you’re interested in art knives, inlay materials as well. By becoming familiar with all the materials, their qualities and methods of craftsmanship, you can know what is valuable and what is cheap and not worth buying.

Know the Types

Here, you must ask yourself a question: what type, or types, plural, of knives do you want to collect? It’s perfectly fine to collect more than one type, as long as you are willing to pay the extra expense. Even within the major categories of knives, there are hundreds of subcategories, and occasionally some slight crossover. All of this can be researched in order to choose the type you are most interested in collecting.

Know the Markets

As with any collectible item, knife markets fluctuate according to the overall economy, trends, and what is readily available versus what is considered “rare”. They also fluctuate with the categories to some extent. Knowing your markets will help you determine when to buy, when to sell, how much to pay, and how much a particular knife is worth at a given time.

As you can see, these types of information are crucial to determining how to make the best investments of your time and money. Do your research, be cautious, and enjoy building a collection that will delight you for years to come.

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