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Top 5 Boho Items to have in Your Closet

Admit it. Boho outfits are simply the cutest. You can wear them every day and go to parties any time as a boho chick.

But to be the ultimate boho princess, you can’t miss certain bohemian items in your closet. Having statement pieces that scream boho, such as boho dresses, maxi skirts, and loose cardigans, will help you nail the perfect look and turn you boho chic.

Now, if you’re ready to transform your wardrobe into a bohemian fan’s fantasy, take note of the list below and make sure you have them in your closet.

Midi Skirt

Midi skirts end a couple of inches below the knees or stop right above the ankles. This item is one of the most versatile outfits you can wear. But it’s also the perfect piece to nail your boho look.

Top your midi skirt with a puff sleeve crop top and ankle boots, and you’re an outgoing boho gal. Or wear it with a simple crop top and a sun hat, and you’re ready for a day at the beach.

Slouchy Sweaters and Cardigans

Sweater and cardigans can complete any look. But for the boho style, slouchy ones or those that are soft and unstructured are the perfect pieces to capture the bohemian vibe. It’s excellent for layering no matter the season.

When you wear it over a shirt and pants, you complete the relaxed look. But don it over a cute dress and boots, and you turn into a free-spirited princess. You can put on a chic headwrap to compliment your style.

Boho Dress

Nothing beats a boho dress when it comes to channelling your inner bohemian self. Whether it’s an elegant maxi dress or a cute mini dress, boho dresses are simply the best representation of boho fashion.

And you can wear your boho dress in different styles, too. You can be cute and flirty in a short dress paired with strappy sandals and eclectic jewellery. Or you can be a classy boho chick in a maxi dress and wide-brimmed hat. 

Stylish Tops or Crop Tops

When you wear attractive loose tops or crop tops, you can quickly turn into the perfect boho gal. The style simply screams effortless fashion – a classic description for anything bohemian.

Try wearing embroidered tops and match them with a plain midi skirt. Or go for the vintage boho look with a basic or graphic crop top and pants.

Flared Jeans

Others say the boho style is reminiscent of the 60’ hippies. Indeed, the hippie movement is associated with their boundless freedom and creativity, much like bohemian fashion. And one of the most notable similarities between the two is the love for flared jeans.

Apart from the free will that this fashion statement represents, it’s also a great clothing item that can emphasize your long legs and perky bottom. Wear your high-heeled boots with it, and you’ll look even more stylish. Or opt for wedges and flats for a more laid-back boho look.

Many say the boho style is hard to pull off. But don’t be discouraged when you hear them say it.

If you love the free-spirited style, there’s no way you can achieve the bohemian look. And when you have the statement pieces above, you can easily turn into the fun-loving, easy-going boho gal that you are and others can see.

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