How Vinegar Can Clean Your Windows Naturally

Vinegar is a natural miracle. Totally anti-bacterial and non-toxic, vinegar is beneficial to any number of surfaces. It is far more economical than chemical solutions and kills germs without risk. Even when accidentally ingested, it’s perfectly safe.

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Vinegar’s acidic make-up acts quickly to break down the sort of film that typically develops on glass surfaces. If you wash windows using a solution containing vinegar, the results will invariably be streak-free and sparkling clean.

Recipes for Window Washing

This Martha Stewart description comes from her series ‘20 More Things Everyone Should Know’.

– Mix one part distilled vinegar to one part hot water.
– Sponge cleaning: Wet the window, employing the solution, and clean.
– Squeegee cleaning: Dampen your squeegee first and clean down from the top, being sure to wipe the squeegee’s edge after all strokes.
– Don’t clean when there is direct sun on the windows.
– Rinse and then dry your window frames at once to avoid damage.

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Are There Blurs Left?

Your vinegar isn’t to blame. Streaks are due to residue which commercial products deposit on the glass.

Vinegar Wash for Smears

– Quarter cup of white vinegar
– Two cups of water
– Half a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid or detergent

Combine the ingredients, then spray and clean.

Vinegar Wash for Very Grimy Windows

– One cup full-strength white vinegar

– Heat the solution and use on glass.

The Best Wipes

Try microfibre cloths, paper towels or newspaper. Make sure that your choice is lint-free. Squeegees are more difficult to get the hang of, but they typically get better results.

Gloucester double glazing companies offer smart solutions to your household needs. Many Gloucester double glazing windows are made spick and span using vinegar recipes.

There are tips here on how to make your own apple cider vinegar.

Here are two Readers Digest handy hints:

– Unclog drains: Use half a cup of baking soda plus one cup vinegar to foam-clean a tricky drain. Put in the baking soda first, followed by vinegar, and watch the magic. The combination kills bacteria as well and is gentler on drains and pipes than strong commercial preparations.

– Polish up your silver: Combine one tablespoon baking soda with a quarter cup of white vinegar and dunk your silverware in the solution.

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