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What are your homes made of?

Around the world, there are many different types of houses. Some are built in a two-storey style while others may be based on three-story townhouse designs or a bungalow with one level. The materials used in the construction of houses are also important. They can be distinguished by their style, whether it is semi-detached housing or detached housing. When you’re looking to purchase a home, it’s best to use the expertise and services of estate agents. When you have decided on the type of property you want and the location, estate agents will find a variety of properties to show you.

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These are the most common materials used to build houses:

Fired bricks are bricks made of a clay-based mixture, rather than mud. They are then fired in a kiln for hardening. It is similar to the firing of pottery. These bricks have a much higher hardness than their mud counterparts, and are not affected by the weather. Bricks are stacked in rows and mortar is used to adhere them together, creating a strong outer casing. Some of the houses built during Roman times, over 2000 years ago, are still standing. Brick is a popular building material among many builders. To secure the house, a foundation must be laid and dug in order to place the bricks. A brick-built house has a tiled roofing.

Most homes in the UK are built using bricks. Being a cold weather climate, as well as experiencing high levels of moisture, bricks are popular thanks to their insulating properties. If you are considering a self-build or an extension to your current home, visit Cheltenham Builders like baytreehomes.co.uk/

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Timber is a common material for houses in coastal areas. Stone and bricks tend to feel damp and cold next to sea air. The timber houses are available in many different forms, from traditional log cabins found in forests and many countries in the continent to more standard homes. Timber frame construction is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its efficiency, longevity and ease of erection.

Modern houses – some modern houses are constructed from prefabricated parts. It is easier to transport and assemble, reducing the time required to build a home. The majority of modern buildings are made with steel frames, and the walls and roofs are made from metal sheets and boards.

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