How to choose the perfect photos for your wedding album

Firstly, your wedding album will something you treasure for the rest of your life, so you’ll want to take your time choosing the images and make it an enjoyable experience, shared over a glass of wine rather than stressed over.

When thinking about which photos to choose, it’s a good idea to pick a balance from different sections of the day or you’ll end up with an uneven spread that’s not representative of the day. A spread of favourite images from across the board means you won’t end up with too many from the start or end of the proceedings and your album will flow better.

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Focus on the photo must-haves and not the should-haves. This is your album and such you must be guided by what you really want and not what you feel you should include. Your album should be full of your favourites. If family and friends love other images, then consider providing them on a USB or framing them as a gift but keep your private album only for the photos you love.

Try to choose a good variety of images as these will be more interesting to look back on and show different aspects of your day. Try to avoid too much repetition in the album and if you simply cannot choose between similar images, leave them to your photographer to select the best ones.

Remember to include shots that show off your venue in the background, especially if you choose a particularly unique or picturesque setting like a Wedding Venue in Gloucestershire. For a country house wedding in beautiful grounds, consider a Wedding Venue in Gloucestershire.

Make your choices as soon as possible after the big day rather than putting it off as the more time that passes, the harder it will be to choose those favourite images. Choose the pictures you want while the events are still fresh in your mind.

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A nice idea to consider is having mini replica photo albums to gift to both sets of parents. It’s a beautiful keepsake of precious memories and make a great idea for Christmas gifts or a simple Thank You gift for all their help with the wedding.

Don’t forget to display your wedding album somewhere it can be fully enjoyed. Good ideas include a bookshelf in the living room or in a drawer or on top of your coffee table. This means you’ll be more tempted to flip through regularly and can also show it off to guests when they visit.


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