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Palazzo pants: how to wear and match them?

I know that many of us don’t like palazzo trousers, but I believe that the idiosyncrasy for this model of trousers does not arise so much from their cut or shape, but rather from the difficulty in understanding how to wear them and match them best.

Palazzo pants: what are they?Palazzo pants

First of all, let’s try to understand what palazzo trousers are: by palazzo trousers we mean those ( long ) trousers with a straight and wide leg, often with a high waist or with darts at the waist.

To make me understand even better, here are some models of palazzo pants, which are also commonly called ” palazzo pants ” or more simply “palazzo pants”

In fact, seen in photos they do not seem very easy to wear and combine, especially for those who are not as tall as a model. The fact that they are wide on the leg and fall straight seems to shorten the figure more slender it.

How to wear palazzo pants? Here are some tipsPalazzo pants

But in reality, it is not so, just keep in mind a few tricks not to disappear inside these pants and adjust the proportions, because, as I have always argued, the success of a look is all in the balance of volumes and proportions.

I admit that personally, I wear them very little, but this winter I bought a red trouser suit with these wide palazzo pants that, as you can see in the photo, were not so bad even on me that they are quite petite. Surely the combination of palazzo pants and a long jacket is not exactly the best to slim the figure, keep this in mind, but let’s see together some ideas on how to wear palazzo pants and which shoes to match.

1) Balance the volumes

If the bottom is maxi, try to reduce the top. This means that if you are wearing a pair of wide, wide palazzo pants, it is better to wear a slightly tight shirt, a fitted shirt, a plain shirt. Avoid oversized sweaters and large sweaters, always keeping in mind that an outfit is a bit like a scale: if it is maxi above, it is better below mini and vice versa, as you can see in these photos.

This look is well balanced: the loose and soft pants match a tight-knit tank top that stops just above the waist (if you don’t like crop tops or you are no longer very young, also choose a simple white t-shirt or a sweater that touches the waist).

Of course, this applies to us normal women who lead normal lives, certainly not models, magazines, editorials, and shooting, where you experiment and where comfort is certainly not the cornerstone around which the construction of a look revolves.

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2) Mark the waist

When wearing a pair of palazzo pants, remember to mark, or at least underline, the waist.

This helps to slim the figure and not create a monolith effect, especially if you want to dare an “ over ” look and combine a loose or loose shirt.

3) How to combine palazzo pants? Dare a single color from head to toe

I know it may seem difficult (except for black, Linus’ cover color for many of us), but wearing palazzo pants with a shirt or shirt of the same color helps to lengthen the figure and reduces the risk of “ shortening ”.

However, remember to mark or underline the waistline.

4) I am curvy (or petite), can I wear palazzo pants?

Absolutely yes: palazzo trousers are really good for everyone, and as I said above, the secret to the success of a look is all in balancing the volumes. If you are curvy or petite, you prefer a pair of palazzo pants that are not too baggy and wide, or you risk feeling (rather than being) overwhelmed by the width of the pants.

If, on the other hand, you are very tall, you can easily dare even very wide palazzo pants, which look like a skirt: you can really indulge yourself!

5) What shoes to wear with palazzo pants?Palazzo pants

Whatever type of shoe you decide to wear, remember to make sure your pants never end up under the sole of the shoe. This is true in general, not only for palazzo pants of course.

The ideal is to choose a pair of ankle boots (in winter) or sandals with a chunky heel: a thin heel under such a wide pair of trousers gives an idea of ​​instability and optically tends to give the impression that the leg is still larger.

If you don’t like heels you can easily wear them with a pair of sneakers, slipons or flat sandals. Attention only to the fabric: if it is precious, better wear them with a pair of sandals rather than sneakers or Vans!

6) If long palazzo pants don’t convince you

Try the cropped version or the culottes variant. Look how elegant this total gray look with palazzo pants that stop at the ankle! Even short palazzo pants can offer you many ideas and ideas for your looks, you will find many tips in this post dedicated to short palazzo pants.

Palazzo pants: who are they good for?

Palazzo trousers look good, contrary to what one might think, even and above all for those who are not very tall; the petite, in fact, find a fabulous ally in palazzo trousers, perhaps with a high waist. Whether long, worn with a pair of heeled ankle boots, or short at the ankle, combined with a classic pair of decolléte, palazzo trousers optically create an optical effect of lengthening the figure. For this reason, in my wardrobe, palazzo trousers certainly play a very important role, precisely because of their versatility and elegance at the same time.

In addition, palazzo trousers with a high waist are strategic even for those with a torso a little longer than the legs; thanks to the high waist and the optical impact they have on the beholder, they are able to balance the figure and re-proportion the balance between torso and legs.

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