3 ways to get yourself a massage at home

There are many times when we can feel tension or pain in certain areas of our body. Learning some techniques to massage us, can help us to alleviate the discomfort and improve the state of our muscles. Today we talk about 3 ways to get a massage at home with some articles that can help you. You will find them very useful. We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

Generally, poor positioning of the body, or maintaining the same posture for a long time, can make us feel discomfort in some areas of the body . Knowing how to do a massage that allows us to release tension, relax the area and return it to normal , can save us more than once. Depending on the place where we feel discomfort, we can use our hands, or use an accessory that serves as a complement. Remember that beyond doing a massage at home, it would be advisable to carry out a series of stretches so as not to let the pains go further and become greater discomforts. You can see Stretching to care for your cervical.

3 Ways to get a massage at home

If you are one of those people who spend a lot of time standing or, on the contrary, you should be sitting on a chair in front of the computer for hours, it is likely that your body is asking for help. The shoulders and back , as well as the hands or feet , are the areas where we usually experience pain more often as a result of spending hours in the same position or bad body posture. How to massage them? Visit Waxing in NYC to get the best care of waxing.

Back and shoulders

The most effective way to massage yourself in the shoulder and back area is to use a tennis ball . Leave it on the floor and lie on your back leaving it under your back. Gently, go rolling it organically on the points where you feel the most pain. Stay there for a while and feel how they relax.


If you work with the computer, it is likely that your hands and wrists are resentful. Think that we use them all day long for many things and have no rest. Massage the right palm with the left thumb and vice versa. Afterwards, bring the right palm to the front, lengthening your arm and, with the other hand, gently pushing the fingers; the palm of the hand faces forward and you must pull the fingers towards you with the opposite hand. Hold a few minutes and change.


When we are standing a long time, we wear the same footwear for a long time or we go without stopping from one place to another, we can experience pain in the feet at the end of the day. When you get home, sit down and leave a small bottle of frozen water on the floor . Put the foot (with a sock) on it, and roll it, from toes to heel. Change standing. You will notice a great difference.

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