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Five ideas to redecorate the house

Redecorating the house is an objective that you can put into perspective with your own present by observing in this transformation a way to break the routine in the home space. Redecorating allows maintaining the main base of each room and adding, at the same time, new features that renew the place without undertaking a long process of change. How to redecorate the house with simplicity?

1. Change the pictures in the frames

Those framed images that have been prominent for a time can give way to new scenes from the past that bring you well-being. Images that connect with happy memories, special people and landscapes that are part of your memory. Carefully review your photo album to choose those that will decorate a corner of your house. What moments do you want to relive most frequently these days?

2. A vertical garden

Contact with nature, the observation of this natural beauty, is an invitation to rediscover the present every day from this perspective. A small space can also be dressed in spring with the creation of a vertical garden that will evolve with the compass of the passage of time. This proposal not only updates the decoration of the house but also provides the incentive of daily entertainment to carry out the different tasks to care for the plants.

3. Decorate a side table

When decorating a room it is common to put the point of attention on the main detail of that place, on that piece of furniture that is the protagonist. For example, the sofa in the living room. But the decoration is the sum of different factors that contribute beauty. How to redecorate the house? Update in some detail a side table that in addition to a practical function also gives visibility to that set that it shows.

Just as it is possible to redecorate a place by changing the position of some of the main furniture, you can also simplify this process by transferring this idea to the specific example of those details that have an ornamental function and acquire a new presence from the base of a side table. .

4. Address new priorities

The decoration is dynamic, life itself is. And with this change in circumstances it is also possible to observe the evolution that the house experiences as a response that meets the new needs of those who live in that home. For example, when a person studies for an opposition and prepares for this goal spending so much time effort on your calendar long term, decorating your study area becomes a key priority that helps you motivate yourself in this goal.

Therefore, just as when you first decorated the house you analyzed the priorities of that time, now is the time to attend to other proposals. What are your priorities at the moment in relation to this redecoration purpose seen from your present needs?

5. Imagination

This is one of the most important resources in any area of life. An imagination that looks beyond the apparent to identify new possibilities with the search for other alternatives. Imagine that you look at your home as if you were seeing it for the first time. Imagine that you experience this encounter with reality seen from the perspective of that first instant that marked the beginning of this chapter in this home.

Redecorating the house is an occupation that can give you an illusion in the short term if you focus on ideas that you can carry out with available resources in the house. Or, also, plan a next project that you start to capture in a decoration diary that presents the main objective and brainstorm. What suggestions for redecorating the home would you like to share?

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