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Different ways to decorate your ceiling

Why do only the four walls in the room get all the attention, when there is one right above your head just waiting to express your style?

Designers sometimes refer to the ceiling as the fifth wall and if you think about it, this makes perfect sense. When it comes to decorating the fifth wall (or ceiling) only your imagination is the limit. Here are some great ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Silver shine.

Maybe you crave a touch of shiny glamour in your room? If so, a chandelier is the perfect lighting fixture, but to really boost the luxury factor, consider decorating your ceiling in a silver leaf to make your living room or bedroom the epitome of elegance. Combine with a stunning Ceiling rose to complete the look – find the latest ceiling rose range here

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  1. Stylish stripes.

Stripes painted on the wall can be interesting, but when painted on the ceiling they are sure to demand attention.

  1. Tease with tin.

In addition to adding style, texture and a great vintage look, tin tiles on the ceiling offer a stunning shimmer effect that acts like a mirror, giving the feel of more open space.

  1. Ravishing wallpaper.

Gold ceiling fixtures look incredible in the living room as an elegant showstopper on their own but putting silk wallpaper behind it makes it almost impossible to keep your eyes from drifting up.

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  1. Bold black.

Decorating your ceiling in an unconventional colour as opposed to the traditional white will draw attention to it, perhaps none is a bolder choice than choosing black?

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