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Pantone Your Boho Clothing in 2021

Diligence, persistence and honesty. That is what the year of the metal ox symbolizes in the Chinese Lunar calendar. It is a mix of metal and earth, so this year’s colour scheme is Pantone. It is a combination of feminine, relaxing and calmness set of colours. This year highlights the desire for versatility and timelessness. Bohemian style, or commonly called Boho, is a fashion style that emerged in the 1960s and 1970s. It’s a free spirit kind of style along with the exquisite patterns and unique colour scheme of Boho clothes caught the people’s interest.

Fashion trends that you need to look out for in 2021

  • Patchwork – Unique set of elements blended into one represents togetherness and unity for this year.
  • Knits – It promotes the fashion quotation, comfort with style.
  • Exuberant dressing – This encourages everyone to explore and experiment. Because fashion is the unspoken expression, let the colours take you to another level of boldness this 2021.
  • Sheer delights – You might want to buy a mesh top for this year’s sheer party. This is a great way to play with your outfit’s silhouettes and texture.
  • Luxe Sport – For a much active start of 2021, dress up with your favourite activewear, and you are good to go.
  • Jeans – This is a staple for everyone. But now jeans are taking over the high fashion aisle. Let your casual jeans take over the runway!
  • Seaside – Embrace the sea breeze! Now beachwear is not just for the summer season; you can wear them for the whole year.
  • Delicate florals – Bring out your feminine side with florals!
  • Bold shoulders – This will surely bring out the boldness in you; this encourages you to mix hard and soft.

Enter the year with style that showcases value and functionality. The pandemic robbed us so many things last year, and it’s time for a comeback!

To spice up your year, what is your go-to Pantone fashion? 

Boho clothing never went out of the trend. Girls, now you know what’s your staple fashion! Not only because of its unique combination of aesthetics, but it also promotes comfort with style.

So, here’s a Boho wardrobe starter kit for you:

  1. A maxi skirt – If you want to mix and match, this is a good start for you. Choose a skirt with unique patterns to match with either a graphic or simple white tee.
  2. Headwraps and layered jewellery – This is the highlight of Boho fashion, if you’re a big fan of flower crowns, this is the time for you to channel in your wanderland spirit. Meanwhile, head wraps and headbands are great for your everyday Boho outfit. For accessories, chunky bracelets and geometrically shaped necklaces are a must-have.
  3. Maxi dress – The basic Boho theme is flowy. So, you can achieve that look effortlessly using a unique printed maxi dress.
  4. Sandals – For footwear, strappy sandals will complete your look not only because of its wide variety of style and colours that compliments your clothes. But it also encourages you to think beyond the ordinary.
  5. Crop tops or loose tank tops – You can use this as an innerwear for your oversized and flowy knits and cardigans. If you’re not a fan of fitted crop tops, you can use tunic tops. For its design, you can go for embroidered tops.

A reminder for every fashionista 

Fashion is a reflection of your personality. And Boho clothes represent freedom and liberty like how every woman should be and how they should feel in expressing themselves. Aside from these, Boho clothing is versatile, one of the reasons why it never goes out of style.

With some mix and match, you promote fashion sustainability. Fashion was never meant to be lavish; it is meant to showcase the craft, creativity and resourcefulness of everyone while owning that style. Boho encourages women to be free to form and become their own aesthetic.

That explains the unique patterns, a wide range of colours and huge varieties of the texture of clothing and accessories. Fashion is never changing; it is evolving. One thing is for sure; bohemian is here to stay.

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