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Ace Frehley Net Worth, Biography and Curiosities About the Guitarist

Ace Frehley is the lead guitarist and a member of the original KISS lineup. Known on stage for playing Spaceman, he played with the band until 1982, when he followed a solo career. He met with the group again in 1996, for a reunion tour. Here, we will discuss ace Frehley net worth, biography and curiosities.

Who is Ace Frehley: Ace Frehley net worth

Paul Daniel Frehley was born in New York on April 27, 1951, under the sign of Taurus. Raised in the Bronx, in a family of humble musicians of Dutch origin, at the beginning he is not particularly fascinated by the world of seven notes. Rather, he spends a lot of time hanging out with street gangs. Ace Frehley net worth is only 1 million US dollars. His income source is singing, writing songs and playing guitar.

At 13 he received his first guitar as a gift from his parents. A way like any other to route him on a path that takes him away from crime. But even if the boy actually starts to approach the study of the instrument and to attend less bad companies, he does not change his rebellious attitude.

ace frehley net worth

Only at 20 he decided to end street life and took seriously the commitment to learn to play the guitar, trying to imitate the likes of Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend and Jimmy Page. Reading an ad in a newspaper, in late 1972, Ace comes to an audition for a group led by a certain Paul Stanley. The singer is particularly impressed not so much by the skill, but by the extravagance of the guitarist, and decides to hire him. This is how KISS was born, with Paul and Ace on vocals and on guitar, Gene Simmons on bass and Peter Criss on drums. Their first eponymous album was released in 1974: the rest is a legend.

His performance

KISS immediately stand out for their eye-catching make-up, their stage costumes and those cartoon characters personified on stage. For example, Ace is the Spaceman, the man of space, with facial make – up consisting of silver stars with a black border. To make his performances even more ‘spatial’, the changes that the guitarist makes to his Les Paul: rockets, smoke bombs and more to be launched during the live events, to make them truly spectacular.

When he took the guitar in his hand and painted his face, Ace Frehley found himself in the figure of Spaceman and helped transform KISS into one of the greatest rock bands of all time. In this autobiography without regrets, the legendary guitarist who crossed all limits and survived to take fans on a rocket ride through “KISStória”.

Ace takes a look behind the makeup and pyrotechnics and takes the reader to the origins of the band, revealing the backstage of the tours, the inspirations for the compositions and even the internal division that existed within KISS, with him and Peter Criss in search of the “Rock all night and party every day” and on the other side Genne Simmons and Paul Stanley. The group’s turbulent departure and solo career are also told in detail.

The book is in pre-sale, which is a period when the books are still being produced. Editora Belas Letras is scheduled to receive the printing press on June 12th, with shipments for those who purchase, starting on June 15th.

Curiosities about the guitarist

  1. Ace Frehley is 1 meter 85 tall.
  2. Not many details are known about Ace’s private life, but we know that her only daughter, Monique, was born from her marriage to Jeanette Trerotola in 1976.
  3. The nickname Ace apparently derives from his skill in conquering women (‘ace’ means ‘ace’). – Another famous musician, Blackie Lawless, the future leader of WASP, was present in his street band.
  4. The relationship between Ace and the other members of KISS was not very simple. During a tour in Japan in 1977, the guitarist presented himself visibly drunk, wearing a Nazi uniform. This raged both Simmons and Stanley, both from Jewish families. After this unpleasant episode, Ace was forced to apologize especially to Gene, whose mother had miraculously escaped the Holocaust.
  5. On Instagram Ace Frehley has an official account of over 35 thousand followers.

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