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Benefits of yellow dragon fruit

The yellow dragon fruit, also known as the “dragon fruit” is a well-known product both for its antioxidant properties and for its ability to stimulate the metabolism, thus promoting weight loss.

What is dragon fruit?Benefits of yellow dragon fruit

The dragon fruit can be yellow or red. The pulp inside is very rich in small black seeds and is generally white in color, presenting itself to the taste as sweet, fragrant, and juicy. However, in Europe, it is very difficult to taste it fresh because its sensitivity to pressure changes makes it a product that is not suitable for export.

Hylocereus undatus is grown in Mexico, Hawaii, Australia, Cyprus, Israel, and many Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Taiwan, where they are dehydrated and dried so that they can be exported guaranteeing the beneficial properties of the product.

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Properties and benefits of yellow dragon fruitBenefits of yellow dragon fruit

The yellow dragon fruit is a food with many beneficial properties and contains on the inner large amounts of fiber, minerals such as calcium, iron and phosphorus, protein, and vitamins A and C.

This “dragon fruit” proves very useful for those suffering from digestive or intestinal disorders such as constipation, carrying out a laxative action derived from the small seeds that characterize the pulp and improving the bacterial flora. Due to these properties, it is vice versa not recommended for individuals with opposite problems or easily irritable colon.

yellow dragon fruit has high antioxidant properties that help fight the onset of free radicals, consequently counteracting cellular aging, giving the skin a certain brightness.

It is also able to keep blood glucose levels balanced, performing a stimulating function on appetite and metabolism, thus promoting digestion and weight loss.

In addition to these properties, it is also a valid tool, if consumed regularly, to strengthen tissues, bones, teeth, eyes, and memory.

How to use the yellow dragon fruitbenefits of yellow dragon fruit

It is commercially available as a food supplement with excellent nutritional properties, nevertheless, it is preferable to consume the yellow variety as it contains a greater quantity of nutritional elements than the red one.

It is possible to consume this fruit in the dehydrated form at any time of the day with a dosage of about two / three teaspoons of product per day. It can be taken alone (facilitated by the pleasant taste) or in addition to fruit salads, yogurt, or other dishes.

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