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The Importance of Using Mobility Aids Correctly

When asked about the benefits of mobility aids, participants noted that they help enhance safety and independence. However, many participants reported ambivalent feelings toward using mobility aids. They may have perceived negative bias toward those using mobility aids or may feel depressed about their inability to keep up physically like they used to. Moreover, many participants tended to think of mobility device use as activity-specific. While a variety of devices are available, most seniors preferred colourful and bright devices, and they wanted to select the device that they deemed most appealing.

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Aside from being useful, mobility aids also help individuals remain active. By increasing activity level, they can walk further and increase overall activity levels. It is important to consult with a doctor or a physical therapist when considering using mobility aids, as many users are not properly trained in the use of them. Moreover, budget may also be a factor in selecting a mobility aid, so it is important to find out how you can cover the costs. See a range of Disability Aids by visiting

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Proper use of mobility aids is vital for fall prevention. A study found that many older adults do not properly use their walking aids, and this is reflected in the number of hospital visits caused by falling. Furthermore, most fall prevention methods do not have any specific recommendations for people with dementia. Instead, they recommend that people with dementia use their mobility aids in an appropriate manner. So, it is important to follow all directions carefully.


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