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The modern, practical, safe choice for lighting around your home

Most of the modern homes that are being built around the Country are already fitted with the practical, safe choice of Downlighting for the entire property.  This type of lighting is not only energy efficient but cost-effective and if fitted alongside Downlight Covers, they can provide a bright, affordable lighting option for any home.  The quintessential, English Country Cottage, the modern two up, two down, town house or the large, older style family Home can all benefit from this innovative style of lighting.  Especially useful in Lofts and Attic spaces, these modern style Downlights fitted with Downlight Covers, purchased from a professional, reputable company such as  https://www.thermahooddirect.com are the most practical, affordable and safe lighting option.

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These innovative covers add not only an aesthetic appeal but help with heat retention, because of their award-winning design and extra insulation they also help to reduce energy consumption.  Another essential reason why you should always fit Downlight Covers is because of their clever composition of unique flame-retardant materials, ensuring the risk of fires is minimised.

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With their patented design they help to enhance the air-quality in and around your home by reducing the risk of dust particles contaminating your property, therefore helping to prevent any airborne health issues.  Meeting and exceeding any strict building regulations these specific Downlight Covers are endorsed by professional builders.  Easy to fit, even a DIY novice could easily install the covers to any room in the home.

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