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How to choose wisely what food products you should buy when you go to the Supermarket

On average, the large supermarkets such as Tesco’s, Asda, and Sainsbury’s. Morrison’s, Aldi, and Lidl are the most popular places for families to purchase their weekly/monthly food shopping. They all have offers and discount schemes to tempt customers into their stores and generally you can buy almost everything you might need under one roof. Food, drink, household goods, pet supplies, toiletries, stationary, and clothes are all available and easy to access. So, with the supermarket shelves bursting with different brands and choices how do you know which is the best value for money? As an average rule, the Own Brands of each of the big Supermarkets are fairly good value for money and are often as tasty, hard wearing and fit as well as the named brands such as Heinz, Batchelors, Robinsons, and Nike for example. With the cost of living so high and many families struggling to make ends meet every penny they can save counts.

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Every bottle, tin, carton, outfit or household item has its own branding to try and make that product stand out from the crowd, each has its own colouring, wrapping, slogan and label, carefully designed by a professional company such as who are specialised Marketing Strategy Consultants and understand how to make a brand noticeable on the very crowded supermarket shelves. Strap lines, logos and catchphrases alongside the other branding strategies are all part and parcel of making you want to buy that particular product. Nike and “Just Do It”, Gillette and “The Best a Man Can Get”, Tesco’s “Every Little Helps” and Audi’s “Vorsprung Durch Technik” are all great examples of catchphrases that have caught the public’s attention and helped to sell the product.

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Don’t always go for the cheapest option on the shelf though, sometimes the middle-priced item is better value as it lasts longer and maybe tastes a little better. It is tempting to just buy the cheapest, thinking you are saving money but if the product that is a few pence dearer lasts twice as long and tastes better then it’s better value in the long run. Shop wisely, sometimes buying food products in bulk can save you money and making up batches of meals such as stews can be another way of saving but only if you can store any excess safely in a freezer.







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