Kids Skin Care Tips. Part 2.

If you are using bubble bath for skin care of your kid, then be sure about septic tank system. Also, be aware that some bubble bath products contain detergents that can destroy of beneficial bacteria’s and your baby’s acid mantle. During bathing use a gentle cleanser, and be sure to clean important parts of the body such as the face, behind the ears, and under the arms. Apply a special fragrance-free moisturizer to your kid after every bathing.

Usually parents use baby powder in the creases of the skin on baby in underarms, genital areas and the neck. One should select a baby powder that does not contain talc. Be aware that the powders with cornstarch are the best for your little one. Parents apply powders to prevent rash in infants, but the best way for it is to keep dry the baby’s bottom.

It’s especially important for parents to follow a kids skin care regimen to protect them from the sun and as well use a special sunscreen for children. Kids should use sunscreen daily when they are six months and older. Remember to apply sunscreen at least a half an hour before exposure to the sun. It is important for protection against dangerous UV rays.

If a kid go to walk, it is useful to apply a bug repellent. Bug repellent is safe for children who are six months and older. Make sure that the repellent contains a chemical which aids in protecting against tick and mosquito bites. Also remember that if a child is going to be anywhere near the woods or an area that may contain many insects, dress them in protective gear that includes long sleeves, pants, and a hat.

For kids skin care keep an opened mind about the products you hear about and as well listen to your own parents, they did raise you and already are aware what to do.

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