How to organize the kitchen to keep order

The kitchen decoration pays special attention to the storage space to store the products of this room. Order is a goal that has emotional meaning. Beyond the aesthetic component, it adds harmony to the place, this information also connects with your mood. This objective of the order requires continuous monitoring. How to keep the kitchen organized?

1. Differentiate spaces to organize the kitchen

organize the kitchen

The kitchen as the main room has different areas that you will organize depending on your needs. Plan this outline of this important place in your life. From this plan, you will see the final organization of this site. After that time, you can also perfect the objective of order in the kitchen by identifying aspects to improve.

What is the space allocated to each element? This is a basic key to order both in the kitchen and in any other room. When establishing a differentiation in the elements of the kitchen it is recommended that you distinguish between those products that you use frequently and those that you only need from time to time. This aspect influences the way in which each detail is placed in its proper place.

2. Shelves in sight

Occasionally, it is possible to complement tall cabinets with a shelf that reveals items that you usually use for cooking. Like this type of furniture, it is an alternative when, due to space, you want to decorate the kitchen only with low furniture. Shelves help you gain storage space, enhancing the visual appearance of this form of organization. You will find at a glance what is in each place.

3. Drawer organizers

The drawers complete the kitchen furniture with practical storage to allocate the available space in each of them to a specific function. One of the most important, for example, is the cutlery drawer. These organizers help you prepare this stay taking advantage of this point in the kitchen.

To organize the kitchen and keep order it is also important to make room for the new. Accumulation is incompatible with maintaining order when this excess exceeds the storage capacity of the available cabinets. Spend time on this previous task of deleting what you don’t use.

4. Create a pantry in the kitchen

organize the kitchen

Preparing a pantry containing long-lasting foods is a practical choice for planning weekly lunch and dinner menus. Or, also, to attend to possible unforeseen events. The order is inherent in a well-used pantry since it is important to organize the products. For this, you can use different formulas. For example, glass jars that allow you to see inside.

Use a method to organize the kitchen and keep order over time. You will find different ideas that already exist. For example, the Konmari method that has set trends by connecting this concept with the philosophy of harmony. It is not about following a specific method to the letter but interpreting those ideas that help you and are practical. In this way, you can select different suggestions to shape your own action plan.

It is not only important to take care of the organization of the pantry area that is integrated into this part of the house, but also to take care of this aspect in the fridge.

What other tips to keep the kitchen tidy do you want to add to this list of ideas? Your experience gives you a practical reference to identify successes to keep in the practical use of this place.

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