Choosing Clothing for Concealment

Whether you are a first-time concealed weapons carrier or you have carried for years, you may be concerned about ensuring that your handgun is completely concealed in public. Even if you purchase undercover clothes, there are steps you may need to take to further conceal your weapon. These are guidelines that promote full concealment.

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Lightweight fabrics are easy to move in, which makes drawing from them relatively easy. However, they tend to drape around obstructions. Therefore, they will reveal the outline of anything you may be trying to conceal. You will be able to see the outline of a weapon under lightweight clothing.

Heavy-weight fabrics are stiffer and conceal their contents nearly entirely. However, because they are stiff, they are more difficult to draw from. In areas with cooler climates, heavy fabrics may be worn much of the year, so it is vital that those who conceal carry in these regions practice drawing from under heavy fabrics.

Medium-weight fabrics conceal your weapon much better than lightweight fabrics, but not nearly as well as heavy fabrics. They are also less stiff than heavyweight fabrics. Therefore, it should be easier for you to draw from medium-weight fabrics, but your weapon may not be completely concealed.

Also, consider wearing fabrics with patterns, which can disguise your firearm.


If you are trying to conceal a weapon beneath your clothing, you should choose clothing that is slightly larger than your normal size. For example, your shirt should be loose without causing your weapon to tangle in the fabric. In addition, your pants should be 1-2 inches too large to allow you to slip your weapon into the waistband without making your pants uncomfortably tight or showing the outline of the weapon. However, you don’t want your clothing to be too baggy and not properly secure your weapon either.

Consider pairing your concealed carry underclothes or holster with medium to heavy fabrics and purchasing clothing that is slightly larger than normal to conceal your weapon effectively.

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