5 crochet mistakes to avoid

Crochet can be an interesting and engaging hobby and when it comes to learning, there are countless online tutorials to help you. There are some common mistakes that those new to the craft and seasoned enthusiasts alike can make.

1-Not reading the pattern is a common mistake

You may have chosen an exciting project and you want to get it completed as quickly as possible, but one mistake that eager enthusiasts make is to work too quickly and skip vital instructions. This can lead to errors which are irreversible. Always take time to read the pattern carefully.

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2-Crocheting too tightly or too loosely

If you find you are crocheting too tightly, select a larger hook for your project. If you find yourself crocheting too loosely, choose a smaller crochet hook. Hooks are inexpensive, so it is a good idea to ensure you have a range of different sizes so you can adapt if you find your project is too loose or too tight.

3-Mixing up USA and UK crochet terms

It is not a universal language. Instead, US and UK crochet abbreviations and terms vary. This means you can’t select a pattern written in US terminology and begin to crochet. Make sure you are fully comfortable with the pattern before you embark on your project.

Crocheting remains a popular pastime for all ages. According to the BBC, a local radio station attempted to break a Guinness World Record for the most people simultaneously crocheting.

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4-Not counting your stitches

Get acquainted with counting your stitches in crocheting. Some tips are to highlight the first and last stitch of each row with a marker. You can also mark every tenth or twentieth row to count them.

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Losing or gaining stitches

It’s an easy mistake to make if you are not counting as you go along. Ask friends for help if you continue to make these mistakes and remember to read the pattern thoroughly!

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