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Infallible tricks to decorate small spaces with personality

Living in a small house, in which each square meter is understood as a precious commodity, is quite common and frequent. That’s why it’s interesting to be up to date on the possible tricks and ideas to decorate small spaces. Today we tell you some that can help you if you are one of the so many people who live in small houses.

Tricks to decorate small spaces

decorate small spaces

Space, or rather the way in which each one perceives it, value it and interprets it, has a subjective variant. The conception of space changes for each of us based on many factors, including our experience. According to what we are used to, a tiny house for some can be a palace for others.

In any case, the small houses are something of the most habitual nowadays. We could say that they are the norm and not the exception. Therefore, it never hurts to remember some notions, basic and not so basic, to decorate them.

We need creative solutions that help us use space intelligently. And it is that with certain ingenious ideas a small house can seem much bigger, especially for those people who live in it.

materials that reflect light

Decorate small spaces with materials that reflect light

At this point, you probably already know that small spaces benefit greatly from the abundance of natural light. A small house, if it is bright, has a lot of livestock. That is why it is highly recommended to choose materials that reflect natural light when decorating small spaces.

And this refers to different aspects: light colored paint on the walls, bright surfaces (for example, on the kitchen countertop), light and bright floors, etc.

In addition, it is advisable to place light white curtains in the windows, for example, so as not to interrupt the circulation of light. In this way, small spaces are not claustrophobic, they offer a sense of calm and do not overwhelm.

Fewer things to save

Fewer things to save

I know we have commented on many occasions. In addition, it is one of the basic premises that the gurus of order like Marie Kondo handle to organize the house and be happy. Living in a small house happens to get rid of a lot of things that we do not need. Empty objects that we do not need, nor do we like them that much.

That is why it is more than necessary, before decorating small spaces with success, to do an exercise of cleaning and renovation, and to expel from our house and our lives the superfluous, the unnecessary. Without suffering, without pain or fear.

That does not mean we have no memories, no things that define us and that distinguish our house. Not much less. We will continue to keep those things that we like a lot, that we really love, and those that we need for practical reasons.

Outside partitions

Outside partitions

What do you think about doing without some of the partitions that your house has to gain meters? Today open environments triumph, the Open Concept in decoration. However, in very small houses this way of understanding the distribution of space is almost obligatory.

Therefore, if you are going to make a reform in your small house, do not hesitate to consult a professional architect who will tell you if you can throw a partition without danger of causing a collapse. In case you can not, or it is not the time to do it, you always have the option of doing without the doors. Dismantle them and leave the rooms as diaphanous as possible.

The comfort of things

The comfort of things

Space is gold. And if your home is in short supply, you can not afford to fill it with things that do not fit you, or that do not fit what you need. No furniture uncomfortable, ugly and not practical.

To decorate small spaces begins by choosing large furniture: beautiful and comfortable. Then think of the magic of details, of small things. They are the ones that give personality to your house. Do not ignore them.

Bet on the color

Bet on the color

It seems that when you live in a small house, it has to be decorated in white … yes or yes. Well, no. The colors are not forbidden when decorating small spaces.

In fact, using the color intentionally can be used to extend meters in some areas (or that environments simulate being larger than they are). Use the color in the same room, for example, to divide it into different areas, in which different activities are carried out.


Other ideas that help

Among the different forms or ideas that help to gain space of use, we can highlight some really useful ones. Like multifunctional furniture (a sofa bed, for example), or those auxiliary pieces that can be moved from one place to another in the house.

The mirrors also help. They usually make the space more luminous and appear larger. A light that comes from several sources at different heights, and not a single ceiling lamp, is another factor to consider for decorating small spaces.

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