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The processes involved in creating quality Engineered Wood Flooring

E.W.P. or Engineered Wood Products, including quality flooring from a professional company like Irwin Tiles are made from various cuts of lumbar, veneers or strands of wood that are bonded together, with a real wood top coat to make a hardwearing, versatile Engineered wooden Flooring finish. Allowing the expert fitters to complete the somewhat tricky process of laying your new flooring is the most cost effective and productive way to get a superb, long-lasting result. They have the expertise, knowledge, knowhow and of course all the appropriate tools to lay your new flooring correctly and efficiently.

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The traditional core layers of Engineered wood are criss-crossed pieces of plywood glued together and compressed, the top layer of solid wood or veneer makes this an extra durable finish and means that during any stress or pull on the surface of the floor, the pieces cleverly distribute themselves leaving your floors firmly in place. This particular real wood effect flooring can be fitted by the tried and tested floating method which doesn’t use glue, so you don’t waste time waiting for it to dry.

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The thickness of the engineered wooden flooring is normally between 15mm and 20mm and it really is personal choice and functionality that this depends on. To allow for more room where height restrictions are an issue then the 15mm choice would be better suited and gives a soft airy touch to the finished room.

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