Avoid these 5 mistakes if you don’t want the quarantine to become a nightmare

Even if you find it hard to believe, quarantine even has positive sides: we feel free from a suffocating routine and, consequently, we have more time available for ourselves. However, these freedoms, in the long run, could turn isolation into a real nightmare. Here, therefore, are the 5 mistakes to avoid!

Once we ascertained that we would have to spend an indefinite period in quarantine, we immediately endeavored to take a positive attitude, trying to focus on the advantages that this anomalous situation would offer us: getting up later in the morning, avoiding public transport and the typical breeze sweat that you can breathe, have more time to devote to ourselves, our hobbies and our house. But are we sure that, in the long run, all these “freedoms” are really pros? It is important, in fact, to maintain a certain rigor even at home to prevent these “privileges” from transforming home insulation in a real nightmare. Here, then, are the 5 most common mistakes to avoid to make sure that doesn’t happen!

#1 – Don’t have a routine

Although the commitments, from which we were overwhelmed until a few weeks ago, were an immense source of stress for us , they helped us have a routine with which to structure our days . Now that we are forced to stay at home, having removed the strictly necessary outputs, we risk transforming freedom into idleness, thus wasting a disproportionate amount of time while lounging on the sofa. Of course, all of us are allowed to take a break from the restless life we were used to, but, be careful, because boredom is around the corner. So let’s try to make sense of our days, planning a series of activities with which to use our time constructively. Let’s take the opportunity to do all those things that we usually procrastinate on , better still to pin them on an agenda that gives us back that sense of discipline we were forced to and which, now, incredibly, we lack a little. Let’s start, for example, making the bed every morning, simple gestures are enough to regain a semblance of normality!

#2 – Give up on a healthy diet

The food we like releases in us a shock of serotonin which, in turn, gives us small moments of happiness, which – now more than ever – we need. Be careful, however, not to fall into temptation too often, ending up feeding on ice cream, chocolate bars and pizza on a regular basis. In addition to the psychological tension we have to deal with on a daily basis, we would risk reaching the end of the quarantine with gastrointestinal problems, without considering the possible collapse of self-esteem if we are no longer able to fasten our jeans. In fact, the sedentary component will also have to be considered, so now that we can no longer move as and how we want, it is even more difficult to burn calories. Let’s keep the culinary “pampering” for the weekend, while, for the rest of the week, we will prepare a varied and complete menu with which to feed ourselves in a healthy way. Our metabolism will thank us!

#3 – Staying in pajamas all day

Although it was the dream of many, staying in pajamas all day for the entire duration of the quarantine is highly discouraged. This questionable habit, however undeniably tempting, in the long run can negatively affect our mood, making us feel neglected and even more lazy. To shake up our day, let’s start by taking care of ourselves. Let’s wash, comb, let’s just put a trick of makeup on our face, but above all let’s get dressed. There are, in fact, multiple alternatives to the use of pajamas, equally casual and comfortable. In an extraordinary situation like this, we miss the little things that were part of our daily lives, so why not try to keep at least those habits that can also be pursued at home? The well-being that we will get when we look in the mirror will repay us for the effort made!

#4 – Having irregular hours

If you used to get up, have lunch, dine, in short, to live your day according to fixed and fixed times , avoid completely distorting them now that you are in quarantine. Sure, we don’t say it’s simple, but we invite you to try it. Otherwise, it is easy to run into a sort of domestic jet lag, so a lack of correspondence of times would result in a mess in the meals and, ultimately, a poor optimization of times. A common mistake, in fact, is to live the isolation as if it were a long vacation , because, as the saying goes: “the game is beautiful when it lasts a little”, at some point our mental stability would go. Returning to point 1, we manage our day responsibly, only in this way will we be able to make it bear fruit in a productive way, without ever getting bored!

#5 – Always be online

Since we have been segregated in the home, technological devices are the only means available to us to keep in touch with the rest of the world. If this, on the one hand, is a positive factor because it allows us not to feel completely isolated, on the other hand, the risk is to remain connected 24 hours a day. Whether it’s to work, study, chat or keep informed, being constantly online is certainly not healthy, neither physically nor mentally. At the end of the day, we would have to deal with an excessive amount of data, a source of further anxiety and concerns. So every day, let’s take a moment to turn everything off and dedicate time to quality : we dance, exercise, listen to our favorite playlist, cook, in short, the activities that can also be done at home are endless , the important thing is that they make us feel good!

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