Everything to know about shisha in Australia

According to a survey conducted by the Australian Institute of health and welfare, for every twenty-five people in Australia, one has some love for shisha. The market for shisha in Australia is further increasing with new, innovative, and exciting accessories entering the market. You can learn everything about shisha right from its origin, different accessories, and its benefits in this section.

What is shisha, and how does it work?

Shisha had its origin in the middle east, but now it is famous across the world, including in Australia. It refers to the smoking of tobacco in a water pipe. In shisha, the tobacco is placed in a bowl and heated with charcoal.

The smoke which arises is made to pass through water and then inhaled. Shisha comes in many different fruit flavours. For instance, apples, cherries, mint, and watermelon are famous.

Why is it famous?

One of the significant reasons why shisha became very popular is that it was considered an alternative to smoking. It is less dangerous than smoking cigarettes. Shisha can be a perfect choice if you consider quitting smoking because they’re less harmful than regular cigarettes.

This is so because shisha has less dangerous poisons and chemicals than a typical cigarette. Though it also uses tobacco, it is combined with various other fruit flavours, natural ingredients, and other substances for aroma.

Benefits of shisha

It helps in relaxing and calming down.

The nicotine content of tobacco in shisha helps you feel relaxed. It calms you down and puts your mind at ease. It is a great option when you are among your friends engaged in conversation.

Soothing smell

Shisha in Australia is very famous as it is more seductive than cigarettes. And the main reason behind this is the aroma. The fruit juice and the added natural flavours spread a strong and attractive aroma with a sweet fragrance.

Also, shisha is very much affordable in Australia when comparing other smoking methods.

Essential parts of a shisha

Shisha bowl

It is one of the main parts of shisha. The tobacco is heated to get the smoke through the pipe. Shisha bowls are made of many different materials, but clay shisha bowls are famous for their low cost. Bowls are found in other materials like metals, silicones, etc.

Shisha tray

It is used to hold the charcoal throughout the session. It firmly sits below the head of the shisha and on the shaft of the shisha stem. Its primary purpose is to prevent the shisha coals from falling on the ground.

Shisha stem

It is the centerpiece of the shisha. This supports all the other components. The stem’s top portion is called the bowl port on which the shisha bowl sits. It also accommodates two different ports to help function the shisha.

On one side, there are hose ports and hookah hose. It is from where the user inhales the smoke. The other side has the purge valve port that holds a ball bearing which helps restrict the outside air from entering the shisha.

The stem also has a bottom shaft where there is water. It helps in sustaining the smoke in the water for filtration. It is here where the bubbling sound happens when you inhale the smoke through the hose port.

Shisha Hose

It is the part that you carry in your hand to inhale the shisha smoke. Many different types of hookah hoses are manufactured that are washable, unlike the old ones. It is also available in various sizes.

Thus, after knowing the fundamentals and benefits of shisha, you will be excited to try it once. Make sure you go for a good brand, check each and every part of shisha, and follow the instructions to get maximum pleasure from smoking it.

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