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How well does vinegar disinfect? Let’s discover

Proper hand hygiene and taking preventive measures can help minimize the spread of all viruses. That is why many people are turning to home remedies or other alcohol-based products as an alternative to disinfecting their hands. Vinegar stands as one of the options to turn to if we run out of disinfectant, but does vinegar disinfect? Here, we take you out of your doubts and we tell you everything about the disinfecting power of vinegar and how you can use it.

How well does vinegar disinfect?

Vinegar is used to remove fungus from the skin and sunspots. But does vinegar really disinfect hands? It is a natural disinfectant for clothing, wounds or food and can help clean hands, reducing some germs to a certain extent, especially bacteria and fungi, but its ability to disinfect hands completely has not been demonstrated, especially its action against viruses such as the current Whuan coronavirus has not been demonstrated.

does vinegar disinfect

Disinfect clothes

Yes, you can use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar to disinfect clothes, mattresses, bedding, etc. Vinegar also has other benefits for your laundry, which is that, in addition to disinfecting, it removes stains from clothes, has a softening power, removes residues that detergent may leave and is beneficial for keeping the washing machine in good condition.

If you want to use the vinegar remedy to disinfect your clothes, you only have to mix one part of vinegar with one part of warm water and soak your clothes in this solution. Let stand 30 minutes and rinse. This method is only for disinfecting, not for removing dirt, so after putting the clothes in the solution, you will have to wash them. If you only need to disinfect towels or clothes that are clean, disinfection will suffice.

Disinfect wounds

That’s right. Vinegar can be used as a disinfectant for wounds since it contains acetic acid, a powerful cleaner that destroys bacteria and disinfects. If you need to disinfect a wound, we recommend lowering the vinegar with water to minimize acidity and avoid stinging in the wound. Mix a tablespoon of white or apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and stir. Apply the liquid on the wound you want to disinfect and let it air dry.

Disinfect vegetables

The answer is yes. The acidity of the vinegar works by removing possible traces of pesticides that may remain in fruits and vegetables and destroys bacteria. To disinfect vegetables, above all, white or apple vinegar is used. It can be used alone or diluted in water. We advise you to dilute it since the effectiveness is the same and you will not need as much product. If you don’t have vinegar on hand and want to disinfect your vegetables with a natural product, the citric acid in lemon has the same disinfecting power.

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