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Using Trees for Privacy in the Garden

For many people, their garden is a special sanctuary where they can spend time relaxing and enjoying peace and quiet. This is why having privacy in your back garden is so important. Fences and walls do provide this, but they can be unpleasant to look at – being in the garden is enjoying nature, so you want to have a beautiful natural space to sit in.

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Trees are a great way to help you to get more privacy in the garden – as well as being much more attractive to look at than a fence or a wall, they are also hugely beneficial for local wildlife. Providing food for animals in the autumn, blossom in the spring and shade in the summer, and shelter from the wind, trees are a wonderful part of a garden.

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If the main reason to have the trees in the garden is for privacy, then you will most likely want a tree that is evergreen – otherwise, when it loses its leaves in the autumn the privacy will be compromised. However, many people aren’t as worried about it in the winter anyway, as less time is spent in the garden.

Trees take a while to grow to full size, so if you want the benefits straight away, look for mature trees for sale as these will be fully grown and also won’t be as vulnerable as young trees can be. You also need to make sure that the type of tree that you choose is suited to the type of soil that you have in your garden.

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