Tips for Students to Financially Survive without Part-time Jobs

A student’s life can be quite expensive, especially when you do not have a casual job. However, by visiting the My Custom Essay site, you can find some advice on how to survive from financing experts. In the past, students received grants while in college, which means they did not need a part-time job. Nowadays, the expenses that come with living are very high as compared to formative years bearing in mind that students will need to buy equipment and books for the school.

On the other hand, it is easy for working students to get distracted from school. The good news is, there are a couple of options that can help you manage depending on the skills you have.

  • Creating Art

Crafting skills can come in handy, especially if you are in art school. You can use your artistic skills to design and sell your work while in school. It is one of the ways for you to enhance your knowledge. Keep your eyes open for trade fairs where you can sell your arts or crafts to the public directly. You can also sell your work via online sites such as Folksy or Etsy.

  • Investing

Student loans usually have low-interest rates, which is a good thing. You can take advantage of this and make the most of it. Make a budget of the least amount you need to for your day to day living. Then find ways of investing your excess. A lot of the shares and stocks will not give you good returns until way after you have graduated. You can, however, invest in extra volatile assets such as cryptocurrencies.

  • Upcycling

Upcycling is refurbishing and, at times, recycling discarded things that you may reuse or sell. You will always find someone who wants cheap furniture or other items. As you advertise your work, you may come across someone who would like to hire you for a repair job.

  • Coding

Coding jobs are always available. Students with proficient programming skills can begin writing software that has source codes available for free. You can then use these to show what you are capable of doing. Thus, you can get freelance jobs now and then. Challenge yourself to design apps and selling them.

  • Tutoring

The secret to tutoring is confidence in yourself. You are studying because you have had a decent education. Learn to take advantage of this by turning it around in your favor and make money out of it. You can help school pupils with subjects you are good at or assist a classmate with a topic they find challenging.

  • Busking

Busking is the act of playing your music in a public place such as a street for charitable donations. Students with good singing voices and those who can play instruments well try busking as a source of extra income. You get to make extra income doing what you love, especially if you are doing it as a group. Busking has led to the discovery of great artists who ended up with good record deals. Remember, do not overstretch yourself, yet, try giving your audience something interesting and different.

  • Rent Rooms Out

Students who own the houses they live in can take advantage of the extra space. You can rent it out to fellow students or when there is a big event in town. You can also rent the space out during holidays when you are away. That will bring you extra income that might last for months to come.

  • Babysitting or Pet Sitting

People are always looking for reliable persons to babysit their children or take care of their four-legged friends when they are away. These types of jobs are very compatible with study schedules for students. You only need to be a trustworthy and responsible person. A few references later, you will find it astounding how much income you can be making.


A student does not need to spend so much time wondering how to make extra money. As long as you are inventive and practical, you are in a position to survive. You can live a comfortable school life and also have enough time for your studies.

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