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Our skin needs in vitamins and useful nutritive materials much. So we should choose products for food attentively. What foodstuffs and drinks are recommended by experts in skin care?

Sauerkraut is the best ally in the fight against overweight. Also sauerkraut juice retards ageing and withering of skin tissues.

Kefir is one more necessary product of beauty. It makes work of bowels better and it is very important for skin.

Among the great number of various juices you should pay attention to apple juice, which is rich in iron and apricot juice with potassium and carotene. I guess you know that iron increases hemoglobin in blood, potassium feeds cordial muscles and carotene improves eyesight and strengthens gums and teeth.

Citrus plants and black-currant are the source of vitamin C.

Lean meat, fish and cereals are rich in zinc, phosphorus and selenium.

Vegetable oil contains necessary for skin vitamin E.

Carrot contains provitamin A and beta-carotene.

Oat flakes (porridge) is irreplaceable skin care mean since ancient times.

Nuts are very useful for skin by its antioxidants and mineral matters. Also nuts assist in cleaning organism from harmful matters.

Give up drinking coffee and black tea. And begin to use green tea to make color of face skin better.

Hips infusion is the best drink against beriberi.

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