Catering options for your wedding breakfast

Once upon a time the wedding breakfast was a pretty simple affair. A typical 1970s wedding often saw some garish bridesmaid dresses, a standard ceremony and then all back to local pub or hotel for a sunday dinner, prawn cocktail or soup to start and then a pudding of some kind like cheese cake. Then the wedding cake was cut and it was a fruit cake, with a large dose of icing and marzipan. It was also very effective.

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However, in our more modern times you don’t have to stick to this formulaic plan. With our increased knowledge of allergies and intolerances it’s much easier to cater for the needs of the many guests that you have coming. You should be able to offer a vegetarian and vegan option as these can sometimes prove to be better, and more tasty than the meat based choices. Whatever you choose in terms of dietary options a Kent Barn Wedding can accommodate your needs.

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One consideration is to dispense with the traditional roast option. It’s quite limiting and may not be suitable for your wedding theme. Also people’s tastes have changed considerably since 1975! Why not serve Fish and chips with a salad? It’s cheaper and everyone loves it. Some have chosen Pizza cooked in large outdoor ovens, a great choice in Summer. One couple loved MacDonalds so much they got them to cater it. Cake tastes have also changed. Sponge is now seen as a perfectly acceptable alternative. One new popular style is to have individual cupcakes.

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