Black Clover Asta Demon Full Form

Ladros goes crazy (or crazier) in the previous episode of Black Clover. He absorbed Salamander and now it cannot be destroyed. The Black Bulls, as well as the defected members of the Diamond Kingdom, are exhausted and injured even to put up a fight. Litch is the asta demon full form. The demon has 3 anti sword power. Even Asta was injured by the attack of Ladros. However, just like when he began to lose consciousness, something is happening with Asta’s body. Is it transforming into something? Here are the spoilers for episode 63 of Black Clover.

The episode will begin correctly with Asta floating in a place he has never seen before. He will wonder if he has already died and is thinking about all the things he never accomplished before he died. How he never married the sister and never defeated Yuno by becoming the Magic Emperor.

asta demon full form

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Asta demon full form

Suddenly, he encountered a great demon similar to what he had been doing in Black Clover a few years ago. The demon will try to take control of Asta’s body, but Asta will fight him and, before he knows it, he returns to the real world, his magic does not give up after all. He woke up with strange marks from his hand to his right eye.

The Black Clover Episode 63

Noelle will comment on how the strange mark and the black thing in Asta’s hand are not magical. The Witch Queen will confirm that the thing on Asta’s body is Anti-Magic energy from the Anti-Magic sword. Ladros will attack him with a big wave of mana, but Asta will simply cut off the attack and push himself up using black antimagia.

He will defeat the ladros and break the glass on his forehead. Because of this, Ladros will now see what is really special for Asta and her friendship. After all the celebration that Asta did alone (because he is the only one who can stand right now), the Witch Queen will appear and Asta will ask her to heal them all.

However, the Witch Queen will try to execute everyone and control Asta using her blood. Will Asta kill Noelle with the queen’s command? And that’s it for Black Clover episode 63 spoilers. Stay tuned for more updates.

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