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Have you recently started a business or are you about to? These small business management strategies might be for you.

I have always said to myself that the company name to indicate a company sends a clear message to those who intend to set up a business. Yes, because keeping a company running is not at all easy. There are many variables to consider which, especially for beginners, constitute obstacles to overcome.

Fearsome challenges linked, for example, to the search for customers and loans, to the identification of products to sell-deliver or to the ability to prepare company management projected to grow, to be faced in the correct way, putting in place a winning strategy that allows obtaining positive feedback immediately. Business management can, or rather, should be efficient and effective:

effective business management: when it imposes itself and achieves the set objectives;

efficient business management: when optimizing the resources used to achieve the set objectives.

Getting all this is possible, just follow the simple strategies necessary to structure and manage your company in the best possible way.

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To achieve good business management it is important to follow some rules. Here are the principles that I consider fundamental for the admission of a company.


Preparing good planning of the activity aimed at outlining a certain growth path, undoubtedly represents a complex but, at the same time, essential step, to which all small businesses must undergo. Think about objectives to be achieved over time with specific deadlines and make a realistic forecast of the financial trend that allows you to cover all the expenses necessary for full business development.

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The first thing to do during the construction of a company (small, medium, or large), in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings on the part of customers, suppliers, and collaborators, is certainly to define and catalog with the utmost clarity of the products offered so that no one can misunderstand your work: do you work on the web and offer only certain services? Specify and describe them on the site, on the social pages, in the brochures, in the business cards, and, more generally, wherever you talk about your new reality.

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Bureaucratic MATTERS:

Italy is known to be a country of bureaucracy. For this, it is necessary to pay close attention to the bureaucratic path to follow. In addition to registering the new company with the business register, do you need any specific license to work regularly? Does your sector of belonging impose special permissions? always make sure not to make mistakes, because you risk incurring high penalties. Another useful tip is to choose personnel already equipped with any certificates, so as to obtain the double advantage of not having to incur costs for the training-qualification of collaborators and to guarantee the offer of highly professional services from the beginning.

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Do you already have several customers satisfied with your work in your hands? Draw up a list and convince them to have their testimonials published on your website, so that everyone can see the actual quality of the services-products offered.  Good references and word of mouth certainly represent two very powerful advertising tools that, in a short time, can help you reach that level of notoriety which is essential to lay a solid foundation for your business. Even if they’re not really part of your industry, do your utmost to forge links with other small local businesses, creating a solid network of collaboration with their respective owners. In addition to this, we also recommend that you join the local associations and participate assiduously in community activities to make yourself known by potential customers interested in your services.


If you want to hope to be able to manage your business in a condition of full financial efficiency, before relying on a specific credit institution, you must carefully identify and select the one able to offer you the best conditions: who offers you lower costs on the current account? For example, where can you find free direct deposit programs or loans at discounted rates? Who provides you with the most suitable and tailored services to your management needs?   At the local, regional and national level there are also various institutions and initiatives dedicated to financial support (and not only) of small businesses: projects promoted by the European Union such as micro-credit or funding for female entrepreneurs, whose primary objective is to provide direct support to the many professionals who, just like you, choose to start a new business project.


If your business deals with selling products, it is good to have careful warehouse management. A large part of the waste of a small business derives from incorrect management, mostly caused by wrong calculations that lead to the accumulation of too many stocks and, consequently, to the presence of unsold goods. If you want to guarantee maximum profitability, you have to pay great attention to the amount of stock to keep available, checking frequently what is being sold and replacing the less requested products with completely new ones.


If you want to manage a competitive business, you must do everything possible to stay informed on the latest news in your business sector: discover the new trends using magazines, newsletters, blogs, information sites, conventions, and, more generally, everything that can be useful to continuously update your skills, offering the public a wealth of knowledge of a high level and value.


One of the best tips when it comes to business management is to always be systematically organized. Organize everything: time, staff, and financial activity.  Plan a strategy that allows you to manage each task while optimizing expenses. To do this, we recommend that you prepare a file in which to record the most relevant details to check at least once a week, so as to always have an accurate picture of the general situation.

I tried to summarize and simplify what an entrepreneur does every day. And in this list of rules, I have not mentioned those characteristics that are obviously the most important:   instinct and courage, qualities that cannot be schematized but indispensable to those who want to do business. Did you find these tips interesting? Share them on Facebook!

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