Why You Shouldn’t Go Elsewhere to Try to Pass Your Driving Test

Driving tests can be tough, and many people feel overwhelmed by the test, as well as all of the things that you need to learn about to ensure that you know what you are doing when you are driving and you are doing it all safely – from the meaning of symbols like these chapter 8 chevrons  to the difference between a normal motorway and a smart motorway it can feel like a lot to learn and that’s before you even sit in the car!

Many people become understandably nervous in the run up to their driving test, and although they and their instructor feel that they are ready for it, things can happen and mistakes can be made, and you may not pass on your first second or even third time. This can be frustrating, and many people start to wonder whether they should go elsewhere to take their driving test.

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The driving test pass rate varies around the UK – in some areas the pass rate is much higher than others, and this is why it can be tempting to look at these places and book a driving test there. Some of the highest pass rates in the UK include Kendal, the highest with a pass rate of 63.1% as well as Dorchester, Bridlington and Yeovil.

Comparing that to some of the lowest pass rates such as Rochdale with a rate of just 30.8% as well as Leeds, Wolverhampton and Erith in London, you can see that there is quite a big difference. However, as tempting as it can be to do this, it is not advisable.

Being familiar with the area that you are learning to drive in is important and this is something that you will have got to know more about when learning with your instructor. Going and taking a test in a completely new area is going to put you at a disadvantage as it won’t be a place that you are familiar with.

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The other issue that you are likely to have if you are travelling a long way from the local area, is that you won’t be able to take your current instructor, so you will need to find an instructor who is happy to let you use their vehicle for the test.

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