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Velvet sofa: which one to choose among the new trends

Is your living room missing something that gives that refined touch you are looking for? Bet everything on the velvet sofa, here you will find which one to choose.

Choosing a velvet sofa means giving your living room an extremely chic and elegant piece of furniture. In fact, velvet is a very fine fabric and has always been chosen to cover sofas and armchairs. Let’s go and see among the various proposals which velvet sofa to choose for a refined stay.

Velvet sofa which one to choose

The velvet sofa can give your living room a touch of the past. In fact, the velvet sofa is characteristic of the Art Deco and Retro style. Today there are sofas of different shapes and the color palette can satisfy any taste, you just need to find the sofa that best suits the style of your living room. Moreover, the velvet sofas, thanks to the characteristic of this very particular fabric, give shades of colors that no other type of fabric is able to give.

This is why the velvet sofa is the best choice for those who want an environment in which refinement is the center of attention.

A touch of pinkVelvet sofa

This two-seater sofa with soft and rounded shapes is perfect for a romantic stay. The padding of the cushions ensures a comfortable seat, so it’s perfect for conversation or watching a movie. In addition to the two-seater variant, there is also a three-seater version, so you can host friends and enjoy an evening with friends. The golden feet recall the 1950s style.

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The clamshell solution

The shapes of this small sofa are reminiscent of the shell designed by Botticelli in his Birth of Venus. Small and therefore very practical, it is perfect to be placed at the entrance, so that you can take off and wear your shoes in comfort, in an environment with a unique and refined design. The style of this sofa is reminiscent of Art Deco, if you dream of a life like Gatsby then this choice is designed especially for you.

The option to lengthen

If you love to rest on the sofa and want a space dedicated entirely to relaxation then you can’t miss this splendid velvet sofa with an extension. In this way, you will have a part of the sofa entirely dedicated to relaxation where you can rest or read a good book in a sophisticated environment.

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Quilted eleganceVelvet sofa

A sofa in two places is perfect to fill a space left empty, or it can fill a small wall. In any case, in a living room, the sofa will never be too much. To make it even more functional to its role as a furnishing accessory, why not choose an elegant two-seater in quilted velvet? In this way, in addition to fulfilling its role as a seat, it will give an edge to the aesthetics of your living room.

Taste of other times

Have you always wanted to own a sofa that resembled the Versailles sofas in its shapes? The inlaid wood the elegant curves that at first glance immediately give an idea of luxury and refinement. Why don’t you make this dream come true? Today we have several options that recall the taste of Settecentesco and are declined in colors modern and bright if you want to relax by imagining to be the Palace of Versailles you can do that easily, you only need to choose the sofa that most of all make you lose your head!

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