What to Think About if you Want to Rent out your Property

Renting out a property is something that lots of people do for a wide range of reasons. You may have bought the property as an investment and want to rent it out to generate an income, you may be relocating and want to make sure that your property is safe and sound until you get back rather than being empty, or you might want to be a professional landlord and build up your property portfolio.

Renting a property out helps you to earn money and also adds more rental homes to a market which is short on them at the moment, so rental properties are always in high demand. Before you go ahead with it, here are some of the things that you will need to think about when becoming a landlord…

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How much rent will you charge? – In order to charge the correct amount of rent, you should look into the local rental market in the area and see what sort of rents other similar properties are let out for. It also makes a difference based on whether the property is furnished or not.

Will you rent it direct to the tenants or have a professional letting agency deal with it? – You can let out your property either way, but many people choose to let a professional like this letting agency Gloucester manage the property on their behalf. This means that they will deal with things like deposits and be the first port of call for the tenants too.

Be Aware of the Legal Responsibilities of a Landlord – As a landlord you have some responsibilities to make sure that the property that you let out to tenants is safe and suitable for them to live in. Safety is the most important aspect, and this means that you need to make sure that there is suitable fire protection in the property and that things like electricals are safe and are checked by a professional.

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Make Sure that you Have Insurance – Insurance is a must for landlords. If you already have home insurance, you will need to make the insurance company aware that you are going to be renting the property out so that this can be changed to landlords’ insurance.

This can include insurance to cover loss of rent if you are not able to let the property out for a reason beyond your control, liability insurance to cover court costs if necessary and contents insurance to cover items in the property.

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