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What is the Purpose of Drain Lining?

The purpose of drain lining is to repair damaged or cracked drains and pipes. This procedure involves the use of polymer linings which bond with the inside of the pipe. This process is safer than excavating drains. It also reduces the overall diameter of the pipe. The process begins by cleaning the inside surface of the drain and then a small camera is sent along the pipework to check its condition. For more information on Drain Lining Maidenhead, consider a company like https://www.drainpower.co.uk/drainage-services/drain-lining/drain-lining-maidenhead/

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The first step in drain relining is to inspect the pipes to see if they are in need of lining. This is done using CCTV (closed-circuit television) survey technology. This allows the professional to determine the extent of the pipe damage. Next, the pipes are cleaned to remove any debris that might cause an obstruction. In some cases, intrusions are removed using a robotic cutter, which is able to cut through concrete or steel pipe walls. Then, a high-pressure water jetter is used to clear the pipes of debris and ensure a good bond between the pipe wall and the lining.

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Once the lining is completed, you’ll need to temporarily shut off your private sewer connections. This will prevent water from filling up the pipe and backing up into your home. In addition, you’ll need to temporarily disconnect any lateral connections in your sewer system while the lining cures in place.

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